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    The Archangel Gabriel [Gabriel Update]

    Basic Information
    Name: Gabriel | Gender: | Age: 14 | Clan: Dark Release

    Gabriel has grown a substantial amount since his younger years. Gabriel once stood short even for his young age, however he's grown to a respectable height in the past 4 years to the point where he looks relatively older then he is. His time as a shinobi, dealing with countless stressful situations and seemingly endless training has made him physically age more. Due to his calm demeanor he still maintains a generally young appearance. Gabriel's white hair still remains long and white as snow yet his eyes have demonstrated strange qualities. Although generally gray, it's been described by several people he's encountered that his eyes have changed colors, some stating they've seen his eyes violet, and even red. Though Gabriel maintains a composed stoic expression, his deep and inner feelings project on his eyes. The times when Gabriel's eyes have turned violet, those who've seen these majestic eyes have mentioned a cold ominous chill run up their spine. The times when Gabriel's eyes have turned red, those who've seen those eyes have all been people who've fought against Gabriel, often enough they've died. Gabriel no longer dons his rosary beads or his Kirigakure attire. During his training he's adopted a more traditional look, baring more of a samurai based look with a typical kimono. Upon entering the Anbu Black ops of his village, on missions assigned to him on the field, he'd ware the standard Anbu attire as well as carry a katana on his back.

    Gabriel has grown mentally as well as physically in his time as a shinobi. In, the four years since his training and travels began, Gabriel has rid himself of his fears of emotion and life itself. Gabriel still holds a personality that can be considered stoic, however Gabriel has been known to smile and act rather normal in some social situations. Gabriel still remains to be an aloof with the exception of Masuyo whom he spends a lot of time with. Gabriel's training and conditioning and his natural stoicism has kept him able to contain his emotions and his feelings, which made him a prime candidate for Anbu, which only furthered his behavior. Gabriel is always a general serious character and has a dark sense of humor in the times when he displays it. To add to Gabriel's cold demeanor, Gabriel has sparked fear and rather negative reactions from people. As Gabriel has been described as sadistic, ruthless, cold, and on rare occasions, evil. All of these claims made based on his aloof status and often enough when involved with him. These rumors and characteristics of his have been associated with his eyes. Generally when his eyes are the normal gray, Gabriel is at his most calm and composed. When violet, he is described as completely heartless When red Gabriel is completely blood thirsty and sadistic. Despite his rather dark personality Gabriel has a rather confusing personality trait about him, which is seen as humorous in some lights. Despite Gabriel's general serious, stoic, and occasional sadistic and cold ways, Gabriel has a rather heavy lecherous and perverted side of him. This trait in itself creates a rather awkward confusion and even strong sense of uneasiness around Gabriel for other people. This view of him is skewed even more when his sense of bleak sense of humor comes into play. Often enough his humor consists of a mix of his darker traits and his perverted mentality. Gabriel's discipline and outstanding poise as a shinobi doesn't discourage the fact that he is a young teenage male. On several occasions he's attempted to peek at females, transforming into females to peek gain access to women's restrooms, bathhouses, etc...How Gabriel has such contrasting personality traits combine with him is a mystery.

    Village Information
    Village of Birth: Kirigakure
    Village of Alliance:Kirigakure

    Rank//Chakra Info
    Rank: Sannin
    Specialty: Genjutsu | Fire | Dark
    -Need Training

    Genjutsu [Mastered] | Ninjutsu [E-rank] | Taijutsu [Started]

    Background Info
    Gabriel grew up in an orphanage shortly after his birth as both his parents were presumed dead, both having been killed on a mission away from the village. Gabriel was always told that his mother died shortly after child labor, however he found out the truth of the matter some years after graduating from the Kirigakure academy. Gabriel's upbringing in the bleak and rather distantly cold orphanage was the reason many of Gabriel's superiors believed he turned out the way he did, cold, stoic, and quite recently sadistic...they still have no baring as to his perverted mentality or actions but that's irrelevant. However, Gabriel has always been a dark sort, never seeking attention or going out of his way to prove himself to his peers, superiors or anybody. His aloofness was a trait from birth. As a baby he rarely cried or whined; early on as a child he kept to himself even when offered to play with the other children. Gabriel remained adamant about his academy studies, studying and training vigorously to maintain at a high level. When Gabriel passed the exams at the academy, he was top of his class.

    Espionage In Konoha

    At the age of 10, Gabriel had already obtained a high rank in Kirigakure for his prowess as a shinobi. He was one of the youngest shinobi in the village to obtain the rank. Upon the arrival of an apparent Konoha defect from the Aburame clan, Gabriel was assigned an espionage mission to Konoha, designed to test the loyalty of this new defect to Kiri. Gabriel's assignment was to watch and observe the defect and also to make sure the mission went off without a hitch.

    When the two shinobi arrived in Konoha undetected, Gabriel noticed the kunoichi Masuyo leaving a small discrete trail which made him suspicious of her intent, however when reinforcements arrived after their cover was blown, seeing the level the kunoichi demonstrated against her former comrades gave Gabriel some level of reassurance and decided to continue on with the mission without revealing her.

    When the two returned to Kiri, Gabriel agreed not to reveal her as he didn't feel her as a threat to Kiri, despite her loyalties being to Konoha deep down. He suspected her intentions were self serving and she wouldn't harm Kiri and left it at that.

    Studying the Shinobi Arts
    Master in Kiri (Suiton)
    Gabriel had made it far in his career as a shinobi with only the essentials, however as he continued to go on more dangerous missions, he found it more and more difficult to deal with lower level shinobi and he decided to begin training in the base elements. Soon after returning from another mission, Gabriel was taken under the wing of a renown shinobi in Kirigakure who agreed to teach him Suiton (TSSB). Their studying together was short however, due to an injury this shinobi sustained during a training accident, where he was absent for a long while. Despite Gabriel's patience, he knew he couldn't allow himself to falter in his training so Gabriel pressed onwards with his training, seeking tutelage outside of Kirigakure in an attempt to immerse himself in knowledge of the shinobi arts as much as possible.

    Mastering the Concept of Imagination (Genjutsu)
    Gabriel's journey from Kiri, with the permission of his Mizukage took him first to the Land of Fire, where he met a curious shinobi from Konoha (Scorps) who intercepted him with genjutsu upon discovering Gabriel's trespass in the country. Gabriel was rendered unconscious where he later awoke to find himself tied up next to another person baring an Iwagakure headband (Erzo).


    “Don't worry he got me the same way too not to long before you. I don't think he intends to kill us though.”

    Gabriel and the unknown Iwa shinobi looked ahead of them as they saw the Konoha shinobi eating with his back turned to them. With a desperate attempt, mixed with anger Gabriel used the basic escape technique and freed himself and darted towards the shinobi only to suddenly find the world around him go completely pitch black, realizing he was in another illusion. Out of nowhere Gabriel was kicked back into the tree and feels himself being tied up again, after which, the illusion is released.

    “Yeah, tried that too.” The Iwa shinobi said.

    “You're not to smart are you kid?” The Konoha shinobi facing the two restrained shinobi. “I could take you back to my village and turn you both in for trespassing, or I could simply kill you both here, but I won't do that.” The Konoha shinobi said.

    “Why not?” Gabriel asked.

    “You two have a lot of potential to become strong shinobi, I have a thing about killing those vastly weaker then me, and people who have strong potential.”

    Just then the shinobi released both the shinobi from their confines and turned around and continued eating. Gabriel, still in awe as to how he was defeated so easily with mere illusions remained on the ground against the tree while the Iwa shinobi began his departure.

    “Please, teach me genjutsu!” Gabriel asked aloud, turning his head feeling shameful for asking a shinobi from another village for assistance.

    “Train you in genjutsu?” The Konoha shinobi turned around and looked at the young Gabriel curiously, studying him. “Sure, why not, but I warn you, the training in genjutsu takes a certain level of intelligence and is in no way an easy feat.”

    “I will be vigilant”

    “How about you there?” The Konoha shinobi directed the question to the Iwa shinobi walking away.

    “Hmmm, genjutsu could be a useful weapon...count me in.”

    Just like that three shinobi from opposing villages began training together. Over the course of the months, the two shinobi quickly gained a grip on the teachings of the Konoha shinobi. They learned the proper methods of defense against illusions and how to cast illusions by disrupting their opponent's flow of chakra in their brain. The two shinobi developed precise chakra control and in only a short time the two were completely competent and highly qualified as masters of the art of Genjutsu.

    “Gabriel, I've never seen somebody take to the arts of genjutsu like you have. I can just tell you have the makings of a great genjutsu expert.”

    After the training under the Konoha shinobi, Gabriel went along his own path and continued his journey.

    Feeling the Wind between the Rocks (Fuuton)
    Gabriel made his way into the Land of Earth not too long after leaving his previous sensei. Upon his arrival into the Earth country, Gabriel came across a shinobi with a powerful aura. By merely looking at the shinobi he could tell the amount of experience and the overwhelming skill the warrior had, way out of his own league.

    “Can I help you with something my boy?” The man said.

    “My name is Gabriel, I hail from Kiri but I mean no disrespect or harm upon your village.” Gabriel said looking at the man's headband noticing his loyalty to Iwagakure.

    “That's quite alright my boy, my name is Jinbe (Mathy).”

    “That's right, I've heard of you, you're Iwa's Bow master aren't you?”

    “I see my reputation isn't unknown.” the man laughed “What brings you here to the Earth country. You're rather young to be a shinobi yourself aren't you?”

    “I'm searching to become stronger in the shinobi arts. I need to become stronger for my village.”

    “Seeking strength for the village you serve loyally....I can respect that. I suppose you wouldn't mind learning a thing or too from this old man would you?” the man offers.

    Gabriel bowed his head in respect and acceptance and Gabriel began with his new sensei. Jinbe agreed to train Gabriel in the way of the wind (Fuuton)

    … (Training ongoing)

    Gabriel's Great Power in Heat (Katon)
    As affairs within Iwa began to take some priority, Jinbe was forced to leave and take care of other responsibilities for the time being and Gabriel continued on his way throughout the continent.

    His next trip took him to the Land of Lightning, where he met a friendly and easy going shinobi who was well skilled in various arts of the shinobi.

    “You've mastered all the elements already?” Gabriel asks.

    “Yes, many people believe me ready to become a sensei although I don't know if I'm exactly ready. I still have some ways to go in my training.”

    “I have a much further distance to travel then you.”

    “Well if you'd like I'd help you out in that area, although you'd have to ask my master.”

    Upon getting the blessing, the Kumo shinobi (Xanthe) agreed to teach Gabriel in the arts of Katon. Unlike any other element he's trained in before, Gabriel's prowess and skills in Katon were far greater then any other. His ability to pick up and master the arts were beyond belief. Every one of his techniques demonstrated a great deal of power and control at the same time. Gabriel eventually went on to master Kage level techniques in a matter weeks, where it would've taken several months or even years for the average person.

    When Gabriel finished his training under the Kumo shinobi, he decided to return home to Kirigakure and regroup. As Gabriel journeyed back he made it through the Land of Forests and stumbled upon his old sensei from Konoha.

    A Familiar Face Returns (Raiton)
    “Well, well if it isn't Gabriel, it's been over a year now hasn't it?”

    “Sensei, it's good to see you.”

    “Just by looking at you I can tell you've gotten a lot stronger. What have your travels done for you?”

    “I've began my training in two of the other elements, Wind and Fire. I've just recently mastered the arts of fire.”

    Upon hearing this Gabriel's sensei looked upon him with some surprise.

    “You've mastered an entire element in such a short period of time?”

    “Yes, I can't explain it but when I preformed a technique I felt a great deal of power inside of me. But what was even more strange was that I felt completely in control of that massive chakra.”

    “You hail from Kiri...I believe we should continue with our training Gabriel, this time I'm going to teach you the lightning element.”

    “Really sensei?”

    “I have a theory that I want to try out, I don't think you're an ordinary child Gabriel, I think I can help you reach the fullest extent of the power inside of you.”

    Gabriel's return to Kiri was halted as his new training began. Gabriel took to lightning just as he did with Fire. Although his training was slower and more difficult then before, Gabriel's power and control over the lightning was great and almost incomprehensible.

    “Gabriel, this is a final test to see just how far you've come in this training. I'm going to teach you an extremely difficult technique. Should you master this, nothing in this element is beyond your capabilities of learning.”

    “Yes sensei.”

    Gabriel's sensei turned to the sky as he pointed upwards“First you need to create the proper conditions for this technique. We're going to need some thunder clouds.”

    Without hesitation Gabriel channeled his Katon chakra through his body and he releases a large dragon headed flame into the sky above him. The flames entered the clouds and quickly the clouds turned dark and the roar of thunder can be heard before.

    “Remember the last technique I taught you?”

    “Chidori correct?”

    “For this technique you're going to take control of the natural lightning inside the clouds. You're Chidori will act as the control mechanism for this jutsu. You'll manipulate the lightning turning it into the shape of the legendary Kirin. This technique is extremely powerful, the speed of the technique is great, if successfully executed this is a certain kill.”

    “This that powerful.”

    The shinobi point to a mountain about a kilometer away. “Aim it for that mountain over there, however don't get discouraged if you can't do it on the first try.”

    Gabriel made the hand seals to create Chidori. His hand high in the air, Gabriel summoned the lightning from the sky, shaping it as he did so.

    *This should confirm it* The Konoha shinobi thinks to himself.

    Gabriel released the massive lightning towards the mountain, the blinding speed caused the technique to make contact with the mountain almost instantly and the dexterity of the power completely obliterated the mountain.

    Gabriel panted from exhaustion, after execution of the technique. A hand wss placed on Gabriel's shoulder.

    “You're training is complete here my friend.”

    Gabriel once again leaves his sensei and finally returns to Kiri.

    Gabriel's Return and Mark

    Upon his return to Kirigakure, Gabriel learned of the attack by the Akatsuki that took place during his absence. Angry and disgusted with himself for not being able to assist his comrades, Gabriel dedicated his return to Kiri to taking missions for the sole purpose of gaining wealth for the village and helping in strengthening the village. It was also during his absence that several of Kirigakure's shinobi defected from the village, using the comotion from the Akatsuki attack and the healing period after the attack to make their leave.

    Gabriel kept requesting and being assigned to highly ranked missions. The higher ups observed Gabriel's progress and were amazed at how far he had come in such a short period of time away from the village.

    As more and more contriversial missions came up, Kiri found themselves with very few shinobi willing to take the missions. Gabriel was the only person to willingly request to be assigned such missions. Gabriel's ability to take on any mission, no matter the moral compass of the task was observed by the Mizukage and the rest of the Kirigakure council and they unanimously decided that Gabriel's abilities and his mentality were prime Anbu material.

    Gabriel was brought before the council and given a task to test his dedication and his candidacy for a position within the Anbu black ops of the village.

    A small clan on an island south of the Land of Water remained outside of Kiri's jurisdiction. The clan was a small non-shinobi clan however they're occupancy of the island worried the members of Kiri as the island was close to the Land of Fire. The council later found out that the clan inhabiting the island were allied with the Land of Fire.

    The island essentially being a neutral island between the Land of Water and Fire, however the council feared that Konoha could involve themselves on the island. In the case of hostility between Konoha and Kiri, if the shinobi of Konoha were to gain mid ground between between the two countries, it could prove dangerous to Kiri.

    Gabriel's mission was to wipe out the entire population of the island in order to allow Kiri to secretly take in the resources the island had to offer and to destroy it once they were done.

    The very night of the day Gabriel was assigned this mission, Gabriel took to the clan on the small island. He created a thick mist around the area acting as his cover wherever he went. In the debt of the full moon illuminating down, not light past through Gabriel's mist....

    In the most fluent and swiftly executed manor, Gabriel killed several men, women, and children. The mist mixed with blood turning rather purple as Gabriel made his way from home to home. The shreeks of the people upon their deaths alerted the others however all sat helplessly in fear as Gabriel attacked them.

    In the last home that Gabriel took to, he killed a man and his wife in their sleep. He killed the man first, splattering the blood on the woman and waking her up. She screamed just as Gabriel cut through her throat. The sound of foot steps were heard walking down the hall behind Gabriel. As he turned he saw a little girl no older then about 4 holding a blanket, looking at Gabriel with a tired and puzzled expression on her face.

    “Mommy, daddy?”

    “They're sleeping.”

    The girl looks at her parents laying dead on the bed. However the thickness of the mist and the child's tired eyes couldn't make out the blood that matted the sheets.

    “Who are you?”

    “Gabriel” Gabriel put his sword away and walked towards the little girl.

    “Like the angle right? Are you an angle”

    “ need to go to sleep.”

    “I can't go to sleep.”

    “Let me help you.”

    A feather appeared in Gabriel's hand and he gave it to the girl. Just then a ton of feathers began to appear around the girl. She smile as her eyes began to daze. As her eyes began to close, Gabriel took out his blade and when the girl's eyes were completely closed he stabbed her through the heart. Gabriel took the girl and placed her between her parents and with that he left the island, his mission successful.

    After he returned, Gabriel was given his new title and he became part of the Anbu.


    After gaining acceptance into the Anbu of Kiri, Gabriel was sent on several other missions. Gabriel was then sent on another mission which took place in the Land of Sound. His mission was another espionage mission, Gabriel was tasked with learning the secrets behind a kekkei genkai that was within the confines of a Sound village known as Somou no Kou.

    Gabriel made his way safely within the village and began his move to the village's information Bureau. Gabriel was quickly discovered by sensory shinobi as he neared the facility. Gabriel fled the village however he didn't get far before he was surrounded by a unit of 10 shinobi.

    Gabriel fought with every ounce he had, however the shinobi he fought against were not ordinary. They were mutated and possessed an evil aura around them. As a volley of shuriken shot towards him, Gabriel held out his hand and suddenly a huge burst of blue flames emitted from his hands, knocking away projectiles and continuing on blasting through four of the shinobi. As the other Sound shinobi were awe struck, Gabriel used it to his advantage and used the Lightning Flash Pillar to blind the remaining 6 shinobi and fled.

    He returned to Kiri with his mission failed, however upon researching and discovering a strange symbol on his left hand, Gabriel found out about the Dark Release, which hailed from his village.

    He talked to the higher ups about his heritage and was told about his father. Gabriel's father was one of the extremely rare shinobi to possess the same abilities as Gabriel. Gabriel and his father hailed from a nameless nomadic clan long ago that remained in the Land of Water for quite a time during the formation of Kirigakure. This clan possessed a powerful and inexplicable chakra nature that possessed great power. Many of the clansmen remained in Kirigakure and the Land of Water after it's creation and passed down the rare trait to their children, that eventually became shinobi.

    After learning of his heritage Gabriel asked permission to leave again to begin leave in order to learn to control his kekkei genkai.

    Gabriel went on his second journey in an attempt to master his abilities. Gabriel came into contact with a shinobi from Iwa (Jokey) and Gabriel began studying Doton, however after spending some months with the shinobi, Gabriel learned of the shinobi's origins, having been born in Kirigakure as a child. The shinobi also expressed his abilities in Meiton which came as a pleasant surprise to the young shinobi.

    “We both hail from the same clan, I too possess Dark Chakra.”

    “I see, I guess since we're kin, I owe it to you and my clan to teach you our abilities.”

    The Iwa shinobi halted Gabriel's training in Doton and the two began their training in Doton.



    Gabriel being a member of Kirigakure's Anbu black ops, he now dons the standard weapon for the organization, the katana.

    Won: 2
    Lost: 0

    Note: I've gotten permission from Scorps and Mathais to have Dark Release in this bio

    Convo with Scorps
    Convo with Mathy (3rd page)

    Updating Gabriel

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    Re: The Archangel Gabriel [Gabriel Update]

    Nice bio ^^

    First post Ill fully read it now

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    Re: The Archangel Gabriel [Gabriel Update]

    Nice bio

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    Re: The Archangel Gabriel [Gabriel Update]

    Quote Originally Posted by Zoro.. View Post
    Nice bio ^^

    First post Ill fully read it now
    I kinda rushed it :ghehe: I could've written a lot better then I did.

    I really need to dig through my convos in order to find the messages where I got permission from Mathy and Scorps. I doubt Alu or anybody else who checks the bios will just take my word for it.

    I'll look for that tomorrow :ghehe:

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    Re: The Archangel Gabriel [Gabriel Update]

    nice bio

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