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    Awards Showcase

    Hidden Cloud Village

    Country of Lightning - Hidden Village of Cloud - Raikage

    Next to nothing is known about the village of cloud at the moment. The only information about these guys is from the flashback about Hinata's kidnapping. When the country of Lightning broke the peace treaty and tried to steal the secrets of Byakugan. Nothing is known about the Raikage.But now we are back and our new goal is to become the best group here on nb. We will train you to become the best ninja that you can be. We will come up with only custom jutsu for this group that you can use in battle.

    you would have to put in a applications to join this group just for we can see where you stand as a ninja...

    Ninja Applications
    Your rank:
    Your elements:

    Why do you want to join this group:

    pm me or vm if you have any question
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