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    ミッドナイト Midnight

    "Shinobi are mearly Pawns of War"

    Basic Information.
    Name: Midnight
    Nickname: "Second Coming of the Demon"
    Gender: Male
    Age: Unknown
    Clan: N/A

    Midnight has a lean body structure, black spiky hair on the top, and longer, straighter white hair on the bottom. He has a set of five maroon beads on the left strand of his hair. He wears a black leather vest with white fur-like material on the collar and sleeves. He also wears a white armlet around his right bicep, and a black choker around his neck. He wears a pair of yellow trousers with black designs on them, and burgundy boots. There are spiked bracelets on his wrists and skull earrings on his ears. He even masks dark eyeliner, and plum-colored lipstick. His bottom eyelashes stick out as well. Midnight has the Kumogakure symbol, and is printed on his right shoulder, and he wears dark nail polish.
    For most of the time he is sleeping on a carpet, waiting for orders. He seems to believe that his power is absolute, or, at least, higher than that of anyone. In battles he is often bored by the weakness of his opponents. His self-confidence, in fact, comes from great skill, but it is not flawless. He seems to be sadistic, when he finds a strong opponent, he will make them suffer..
    Village Information.
    Village of Birth:

    Village of Alliance:

    Rank| Chakra Information.
    Ninja Rank: S-Class Ninja
    Specialty: Smoke| Fire
    ~ Mastered
    ~ S-rank
    ~ A-rank
    ~ B-rank
    Your ninjutsu: Basic: E-rank
    Background Information.
    Midnight became dark when his parents died in The Third Ninja War as he was an orphan they never really showed any like to him, as he was always quite and lonely, ignored the ones around him, and punched others for simple reason as staring at him. Being often seen fighting for food, as he didn't get enough at the orphanage. He became a cold heartless shinobi, and even more annoying aswell. People in the Village said he didnt deserve to be there, as he oftenly stole from the villagers. He then met Crimson way before he left the village, and tought him the basics of earth release, he then spent a few years under crimson's teaching untill the day came when crimson left the village, from that day on, his only goal was to fight against crimson, to messure there strength. Without Crimson, midnight didnt know what to do, or when, so he started reading some ninja books at the library of Kumogakure, and started training on his own, mastering many doton jutsu but mainly Fire techniques, his whole life training 24/7 waiting for the day he would fight Crimson. Later on recent news came up saying Crimson had been killed By some Uchiha, at that moment Midnight felt sad and a cold feeling inside him as his only goal had vanished for ever...Few days after this, he got up and said "uchiha'll pay for this", Midnight's new goal was to defeat and Kill the man who was strong enough to defeat his sensei. Between his days of training he was walking around Kumogakure, when he saw the Uchiha aproching the mountains, he fell this was the moment he had been waiting for, as he walked quitely behind sasuke and his teamates, he saw Killer Bee the jinchurikki of kumo standing, he notest sasuke and B were about to fight so Midnight took cover behind a mountain as he saw how sasuke was doing no damage to B he though he could take on sasuke at his current strenght, but didnt because sasuke had 3 companions, when laxus saw B getting stomped he though about going in to help, but at that moment B went into Bijuu Mode and knew B was going to be alright, at the end of the battle he saw how sasuke and his teamates took what they thought was B, as they left, Midnight informed a couple of Kumo Jounin to help B and then left the Mountains and retrieved back home to think of the strength of uchiha sasuke...he knew sasuke was yet too strong, so he continued his training...He decided to train along the path to find sasuke aswell, so as he traveled he also looked for sasuke after 3 moths of training and traveling he finally found sasuke the battle of his life was about to take part....To Be Continued.
    Fire Affinity:
    Having completed Fire, He can use any Fire Techiniques with need of atleast 1 hand seal.


    Smoke: ~Needs Traning~


    Theme Song and Background Music:


    Won: Some

    Dropping: Dragon Slayer
    Permission for Smoke Ninjutsu from Scorps Linky linky

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