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Naruto doesnt know he's wheelchair bound.

Ninjas are taught to move when the enemy knows the location they are hiding in, it is basic ninja 101 to move away from an original hiding spot, but naruto doesnt realise he is "wheelchair" bound and couldnt move, ergo why hes checking a 2nd time where he is, but out of sage mode.

I understand he was in sage mode before but the 2nd time is certainly odd, any explanation is certainly strange or weak, considering it appears you need sage mode to get any use out of stabbing yourself with it.
that is quite true. i find 2nd time stabbing wierd too. lets try to get an explanation.

he checked just after god pain fell. interval very short here. so there is little possibilty of changing place within a very short time. i think he was checking not the location(he already knows that), but the presence of chakra. hence without sage mode. naruto knows nagato wont flee without capturing naruto(as he doesnt know nagato's real condition), to him only nagato's pain jutsu failed. otherwise why wud he enetred his lair in sage mode. so no ques of fleeing.