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    Re: What's your KUNG FU?

    Quote Originally Posted by Tsujan9484 View Post
    any anti malware programs are programmed to run in silent mode...i mean they are always running in background, scanning your they will be consuming a lot of RAM memory...this is why double anti malware programs are not recommended to your thread you mentioned to install 3 anti malware programs.....i would never do that if i were you....instead i would install a total security program and may be an USB protector as well...

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    I don't think I've ever said that. I have Windows Security Essentials, because it comes with Windows or something.. Removing it would also get me banned from my network.

    The only "proper" anti-malware program that I have is Avast. I think I made a specific point in not having more than one antivirus program installed.

    Sandboxie isn't anti-malware by design, although it can be made to function as such. It doesn't scan anything in the background and I always forget that it's even running.

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    Re: What's your KUNG FU?

    I'm open to all options available, but my status quo dictates that I have to use the multi-layered system defense setup. I have nothing to worry about those progams (Anti Virus + Anti Executable + Instant System Restore) slowering my computer performance, because I have been doing this since Pentium 4 era, but now I have I3 CPU with 4GB RAM. Like I said on my earlier post, that knowing your computer specs and properties will go hand in hand if you wish to have a multi-layered "Kung Fu" like mine.

    Computer is a tool and not a pet, you should not give yourself a hard time in maintaining it. If my "Kung Fu" suggestion doesn't work for you, then do what ever suits you. At least I have presented an alternative that is more convenient to the user, and so tedious and risky like others are suggesting.

    By the end of the day, we have the same goal. No one is right or wrong here. We are just exchanging ideas for the benefit of everybody. I'm just sharing with you guys that I never had a virus, malware, spyware infestations or lost programs in my computer, thanks to my added system precautionary measures.

    If you want to add more, please share your ideas in how to have a strong system "Kung Fu".

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