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Yes, that's true. Ichigo's the main protagonist, after all. It's only up from here.

It all depends on the location. If Halibel was in a place where water and moisture was the dominate elemental factor, then she would be able to fight Ulquiorra. The biggest reason she seemed so weak during her fight with Hitsugaya was because he would freeze all of his water while she would liquify all of his ice (Like Gray vs Sugarboy in Fairy Tail) but honestly, the fight itself was pathetic. I don't even like Halibel that much, but I'm a believer of analyzing the evidence you're presented. Ulquiorra was extremely powerful, but there's a reason why Halibel is #3 instead of him, a reason we probably weren't shown. In conjunction with the Starrk debate as well as the debate with Ulquiorra vs Halibel, it's as Aizen said

Remember how Soifon's attack is instant death after two hits, but it didn't work on Aizen because he had a higher reiatsu than hers? It was also stated that Espada were ranked based on reiatsu (therefore: strength)Halibel presumably had more reiatsu than Ulquiorra and Starrk killed hollows just by the strength of his reiatsu. How specifically they could defeat him is debatable, but it was known that they at least had more reiatsu, therefore more strength. However, don't think that by my saying that I believe that Ulquiorra would get owned or anything. Yammy had more reiatsu than all of them, but his idiotic nature prevents him from being able to defeat any of them. Ulquiorra would probably be able to beat Halibel 5 times out of 10. I'm not exactly sure myself, but I'm confident Halibel would win extremely high difficulty.

Keep in mind that Ulquiorra can regenerate everything save for internal organs. And Kyoraku actually broke Starrk's hollow hole. Like Starrk, Ulquiorra only has three colors on him: black, white, and green. If Kyoraku called white or black and struck in the same position that he did with Starrk, then Ulquiorra loses. Hitsugaya stated that Vasto Lordes were stronger than captains. In the anime (which shouldn't necessarily be counted as canon since it's not the manga) Halibel was a Vasto Lorde, and by that logic, so were Ulquiorra, Barragan, and Starrk. I'm almost certain of that as a fact. Obviously, though, the assumption that Vasto Lordes are stronger than captains is not the case. If anything, the top-brass captains should be able to defeat them. This includes: Yamamoto, Unohana, Kyoraku, and Ukitake. Kyoraku was the only one who actually defeated one of them, let alone the Primera. Also, Ukitake (the white haired captain) has a zanpakuto used to counter reishi-based attacks, and all attacks in Ulquiorra's arsenal are reishi-based. His stamina is the only thing that would cause him to lose, making him a liability. But they are two of the strongest captains of the Gotei 13, they should be able to beat him individually extreme mid to high difficulty, and together mid difficulty.

We have no real way of discerning how strong Ulquiorra was in Segunda Etapa when the only power-ups he received was a boost in reiatsu and Lanza del Relámpago. It would have been cool if their strengths were compared. And yes, Grimmjow had more screen time than Ulquiorra, and he got a power-up that Ulquiorra didn't. He lived. He survived the story while Ulquiorra didn't. He's presumably been training the entire time-skip, so other than increased strength, who knows? We may see Grimmjow with Segunda Etapa in an upcoming chapter.
There's no Dout in my mind that ulqiorra spiritual pressure is stronger than halibel's aizen knos that as well that's why he left ichigo to fight ulqiorra becuz he knew he was the one who would push ichigo hollow power to the max...his speed was even greater than halibel's by a lot if I must say cuz if ichigo can't keep up with you then ur fast as hell ichigo bankai speed was no were near ulqiorra..strength wise when it comes to hitting power I think ulqiorra also got her beat in that aswell..one hit from that green arrow thing would do way more damage than halibel's cascade thing..ulqiorra was the top espada besides barrgan I think....aizen most likely ranked them buy there first release form.

An I don't kno how aizen put Starkk over barrgan he was way off with that one that lets you kno that some of the espada numbers means nonthing.

..irooni would not matter cuz if ulqiorra is cutting with that green thing the match might be over from one slash the reason ichigo survived it was cuz of his hollow mask an getsuga tensho..don't kno how kyraku will survive it.