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    Re: Ulquiora strongest espada?

    ulquiorra is indeed strong n one of my fav character ever... what is funny about bleach is tousen said he surpassed all of the espada's n got his throat pierced by a vice captain!!!... i personally beleive ulquiorra would easily pawn the likes of tousen
    n most of the captains in gotei 13 except zaraki(always has something hidden up in his sleeve) n yamamoto... as far as espada's r concerned segunda etapa would scare the hell out of them.... harribel wont even stand a chance... barragan would put up quite a fight coz of his aging power...n stark cannot beat ulquiorra with his ceros or wolves ...starks cero's looks ordinary n shunsui said they are not powerful enough to kill someone such as him..whereas cero oscuras is the deadliest one to kill captain level shinigami's...still i loved how ulquiorra's ass got screwed against hollw ichigo

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    Re: Ulquiora strongest espada?

    Quote Originally Posted by Sensational View Post
    Stark has the most reitsu out of all the espada minus yamma, all his attacks are pure energy and energy doesnt age, he could literally just spam cero until Barragan in nothing but dust.
    Its just sucks that none of the espada really got proper fighting scenes and that there was clear BS happing in the captains vs espada fights.
    he can rot souls though so why not energy? where is it said he can't rot energy? not all stark's attacks are energy based those wolves are made from his soul so they'll be able to rot.

    if he spams cero can't barragan just slow down time which will give him the needed time to rot all of those ceros (not sure he can rot ceros but then again not sure he can't) if stark tried to sneak attack with his speed while barragan was occupied woudn't he just rot? I don't really see what stark would do against barragan but he is rated no.1. The rankings are weird that's why I believe it's possible that ulquiorra should be ranked higher.

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