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    DBZ Girls Chapter 6

    Chapter 6

    On Monday Bulla told Peter she could not go out with him she just said “my life is way too hectic” & he accepted it. As soon as the bell rang for lunch he went over to talk to Marin while she was by herself and asked her out. Marin said yes without thinking about what Bulla or Pan would think. He told her they could go to the Zoo if she wanted too, she had wanted to check out the new exhibits so she said yes with a big smile on her face. She then walked over to sit with Pan & Bulla she then told them what just happened. Bulla was quite surprised & said “you do remember me telling you he ditched me at the amusement park don’t you”, “there was a battle going on you can not expect a normal person to stick around while that sort of thing is happening” she replied.

    on Sunday Marin met Peter at the Zoo. She was a bit nervous, it was her date & she was worried she may screw it up. Peter on the other hand was calm and collected; it was a pretty hot day so he was sitting down with a soft drink in his hand and had an unopened one waiting for Marin. She was glad to see it, since it took her a good fifteen minutes to get there from where she lived to get to the zoo “thanks so much for the drink, I needed it” she gladly said to Peter. Peter had a smile on his face “you look hot” she said “oh thanks” a blushing Marin replied “did I say that out loud?” now Peter was also blushing “should we start looking around”, “Ok, how about the elephants first” Marin said excitedly.

    It had been about two hours and Peter hadn’t asked to see anything, “what would you like to look at I have seen pretty much everything I wanted to” Marin asked. Peter didn’t think Marin would like to see what he wanted to, but she insisted. What Peter wanted to look at was not very far away so he asked Marin to close her eyes and he would guide her there. “can I open my eyes now” Marin asked a minute later, “yes, just don’t freak out okay” he replied, Marin opened her eyes and saw a big snake in front of her, she was just about to scream when she started feeling ill, she looked to her left but Peter was not there, so she looked to her right and Peter was standing there with his head right up against the glass, he was as giddy as a school girl, it was obvious that he was excited.

    He then ran to next glass window a few seconds later he started running around room looking at all the different displays, he was ecstatic Marin was feeling incredibly sick now. She thought she had gotten too hot, she then collapsed, and she fell hard on the ground & made a loud thud, Peter turned around to see what the noise was & was shocked when he saw Marin lying on the ground. He rushed to her side & started yelling for help, just as paramedics showed up she woke up but the paramedics wanted to check her out just in to be safe.

    A few minutes later they gave her the all clear. But she thought she had better go home & lie down “sorry for ruining our date I’ll see you at school tomorrow”, “are you sure you are feeling better” Peter asked in a worried tone “oh I will be fine I just need to relax a bit and get out of the sun” Marin’s Mother showed up at that point so Marin got in the car & went home. By the time they were back at their house Marin was feeling completely fine, so she did not want to go to bed however she was ordered to.

    The next day at school Peter came up to & asked if she was feeling any better “yes I am fine now, I guess I was just in the sun to long” “I’m am so glad” he replied. Later in the day the entire school had to dissect frogs, Pan really was not that interested however she realised that Peter was getting quite excited, he was actually playing with his knife, pretending to kill the little people he had drawn on his fingers. Pan just figured he was being a typical male, most of the other boys in her class where excited as well.
    In the next classroom over Marin was starting to feel ill once more. She really didn’t understand why she kept feeling ill out of the blue like this, she figured this time it was the fact that she had to cut open a frog, sure it was dead but she had to touch it, an alive frog is creepy enough, but a dead one is just down right disturbing. Back in Pans classroom the time to cut open the frogs had arrived, every girl in the room was thinking ‘why on earth do I have to do this’ look on their face, while most of the boys looked quite happy. Especially Peter, as the teacher said calmly to the class “you may begin at any time” Peter really started hounding into the frog, he was being vicious to it, Pan just thought to herself ‘I bet its glad it is already dead’.

    In Marin’s classroom she felt like she was gonna be sick, she asked the teacher if she could be excused to go to the bathroom, but he said “no you may not, if I let you leave now you won’t come back, hold it in”, “I think I’m going to be sick though” she snapped back “Don’t use that tone of voice with me young lady” he angrily replied “I’m sure you will be fine just try not to think about what you are about to do” he said calmly.
    Now back in Pans classroom Peter was finally ready to dissect the frog, up until now he had just been putting random cuts into its body. Pan had already done hers & was over it, she couldn’t help staring at Peter, though he was enjoying this way too much. He got a creepy look on his face as he slice open the frog.

    Pan heard Mr Hillsbe shouting “GET BACK HERE THIS INSTANT” she looked out the door & saw Marin running past. A couple of doors down Bulla’s classroom heard all the commotion as well & everyone was wondering what was happening, then Bulla noticed Marron running past, ‘I don’t like it either but it’s not worth getting expelled over ‘ she thought to herself. Just as Marin had gotten to the toilet stall she threw up, at the same time Peter had finished dissecting the frog & had started on cutting its eyes out but the excitement had faded & he was calming down. ‘what kind of guy is Marin dating, he must have issues to be that messed up’ pan thought to herself.

    After school Marin & Bulla went to Pan’s house. Bulla kept teasing Marin about how she ran out of her classroom in fear of dead frogs, “I was going to be sick’ she kept telling Bulla. A little while later Marin favourite Mahou Shoujo & Pan asked Bulla to come into the Kitchen to help her to get some more chips, Marin did not notice they had left the room. Pan told Bulla about Peter she was wondering if she should tell Marin, “Marin can take care of herself she will be fine, if he does anything wrong she can just punch him in the face” she said jokingly, Pan was not sure she did not want to upset Marin by telling her, but she was worried that Peter might get freaky with although Bulla did have a point, they were much stronger than any average human. “I don’t like this I will keep watching Peter in class and if he does anything else strange I’m going to tell her” Pan said in a firm voice. “Ok” Bulla replied, “Can we go back in there now Lyrical Nanoha A’s is going to start soon” she added. A few hours later Bulla & Marin left for home.

    A day later Marin had returned home from school & was shocked when she saw Peter standing outside of her house “how did you get here?” she asked “I drove of course” Marin knew that could not be true, it took at least forty five minutes to drive to her house from school, the only way he could have gotten there before her was if he flew but she knew that could not be true, she was quite confused however she did not want peter to think she was strange so she invited him in.

    As she opened the door she started to feel slightly sick once again she was getting annoyed at the whole mystery illness by now. “Mum, Dad I’m home” she called out but there was no answer “hmm that’s odd Mum is always here when I get home, I wonder where she went” “I’m sure she Is fine she is probably just running errands or something” Peter replied “you are probably right” Marin said in a slightly worried voice. As the two of them got further into the house Marin started feeling more ill. Though this time she did not know why the last two times there was a reason, but this time she could not think of one.

    link to chapter 7 that has the links to chapters 1-5 on it
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