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    A fated reunion and a resolution

    HEhehe have fun!

    Naruto stands in-front of Nagato and Konan that are protected by the shield Konan created.

    Naruto: - Reveal yourself!
    Nagato: - Konan, release the shield.

    "Konan looks concerned and shocked"

    Konan: - No Nagato! We must escape, you have used up to much Chakra to fight him!

    "Nagato looks a little surprised and then smiles at Konan"
    Nagato: It is alright Konan, I have you to help me and I can still fight if that is what is needed. But for now we cannot escape, God cannot run tail, please release the shield. It will be alright. He want's to talk..
    Konan: - ...........Ok...

    "Konan hesitates but releases the shield, paper flying in a spiral and back to Konan. The both of them are bathed in light and revealed to Naruto.

    "Naruto see Nagato and looks a bit shocked. He makes two kagebunshin to be ready.
    Konan steps in between them, hands raised at her sides."

    Konan: - You wanted to speak, so speak.

    "Naruto looks at Konans concerned face, then at Nagato"

    Naruto : - So your Nagato... I want to ask you a question, and you WILL answer.

    "Nagato hesitates at the hint of anger in Narutos voice"

    Nagato: - Ok, I will answer the question if I can.

    "Naruto nods"

    Naruto in a more indifferent voice: - Who is the man in Akatsuki with the mask? When did you meet him?

    " Nagato is shocked by this question"

    Nagato: - What?..why do you ask that?
    Naruto: - I ask because he is deceiving you, and he may be the cause of this war.
    Nagato: - The cause?.....Madara?? What are you talking about, how do you know Madara?

    "Naruto is taken by this answer"

    Naruto: - Madara?! The person who fought the first? You must tell me, when did you meet this person.

    Nagato: - Ok, I guess I can tell you about Madara, I promised I would answer your question. And in turn you will tell me how you know about him.

    Naruto: - Yes.

    At Hinata and Gang:

    Neji: - Naruto has gone away from the spot he fought the opponent. He seems to have taken the body of the opponent to....
    Sakura: - Where did he go?
    Neji: - I...I don't know, he went away, to far. Away from the village.
    Sakura wispers: - Where are you going Naruto?
    Katsuya: - He has gone to speak to nagato, the real pain.
    Sakura: - Will he be alright?
    Katsuya: - He will be fine.

    "Hinata stirs and opens her eyes"

    Hinata: - Sakura? Neji?...Naruto.....
    Sakura: - We have no time to waste, we must start to make preparations for medical treatment. Find some ninjas and put up shelter for the injured!
    Sakura thinks: Naruto....come back to us....

    At Tsunade:

    "Tsunade arrive at kakashi" She walks over to where he is and picks up some debree"

    Tsunade: - Katsuya, how is he?
    Katsuya: - He is almost gone now.....

    "Tsunade cries"

    Tsunade: - I was to late Kakashi, I'm sorry..... You, Jirayia, Konoha...

    "Tsunade gets some fetermination in her eyes, kneels down at Kakashi's side and makes a handseal"

    What is this Jutsu Tsunade is making? What will Nagato tell naruto?
    Next week: - The beginning and The End -

    hehe guys what do you think?

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    Re: A fated reunion and a resolution

    RIIIIIIIIGHT. As if Sakura would say something like that.

    He missed her chance because of her stubborness, now she should consider stepping aside.

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    Re: A fated reunion and a resolution

    nice one i hope the next chapter should be like this

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    Re: A fated reunion and a resolution


    So, how about it Uzumaki Naruto. How will you mend the world to embrace peace. Let me here your answer,” asked Nagato. “First, I would like to ask you a question,” said Naruto.

    naruto 444 (Nagato noods his head)

    “Fine. If its for peace, I’ll gladly take you up on your offer,” said Nagato.

    “How did you end up this way? Full of so much hatred. Was it really because Konoha shinobi did all this too you? Konoha doesn’t seem to be your only target. Earlier you said you wanted to rebirth the world through pain, and that will create peace,” said Naruto.

    “Amagekure was deemed as a plain to house the wars of the warring nations. Naturally Konoha was simply attacked first because it was convient for me because you were there. I figured I could kill two birds with one stone you see,” said Nagato.

    naruto 444 spoiler “THOSE PEOPLE ARE LONG GONE NOW! So why, why are you targeting us. With your power you could do so much good, much more good than people could imagine. The pervy Sage trained you and gave you care. He was a Konoha shinobi, so why couldn’t you treat others in a similar way,” asked Naruto.

    “I’ve tried things the other way. Tell me something Naruto. What are the most important things to you,” asked Nagato.

    “Like you wouldn’t know? My friends and my village,” said Naruto. “And you would do whatever it took to protect them, not matter what the cost, right,” asked Nagato. “Yes, I would,” said Naruto.


    “You and I are indeed two sides of the same coin. You see this body of mine? This is the result of my promiss to protect my friends and my village. I would do whatever I could to prevent destruction, but when my village and my friends were endagered, I put my life on the line and this is the result.

    If your precious village and friends were in danger, would you go that extra step to ensure their safety? Would you be willing to face shinobi and nations and walk over the defeated in gratitude that your loved ones would live another day,” asked Nagato.

    (Naruto is silent)

    Switch Scene To Outside of Akatuski’s headquarters:

    (Nagato is still narrating)

    “When someone cares for something, there is always a risk of losing it, that brings hatred,” said Nagato.

    (Dozens upon dozens of Cloud Shinobi are surronding the infrastructure however, there are also many defeated ones laying nearby. In the middle of it all Team Falcon is exhausted. Suigetsu is kneeling on one knee. Juugo is scratched up however remains steady and firm. Sasuke is supporting Karin by having her arm wraped around his neck)

    “How do you plan to break this chain of hatred that engulfs us all? Again I state. Let me here your answer,” said Nagato.

    (Sasuke activates Mangekyou Sharingan)

    “Sasuke don’t over do it. You don’t have the chakra to use that against this many enemies,” said Karin.

    “The Uchiha brat and his underlings are definately troublesome,” said Cloud nin. “With this many of us, I’m surprised they were able to keep up for this long. No wonder Killer Bee had trouble with them. But they can’t take all of us,” said Cloud nin 2.

    (They commence on Falcon’s location)

    “They just keep appearing one after another. It never ends. If you have something planned Sasuke, better use it now,” said Suigetsu.

    “I have plan, listen carefully,” said Sasuke.

    Next Chapter: Naruto’s Answer

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    Re: A fated reunion and a resolution

    Verification: pending

    Naruto 444 Spoiler

    Original script:


    長門 ナルトを操作してつれて帰ろうとするがナルトは支配されず

    小南 この距離なのに長門のチャクラを戻すなんて何て子なの><

    ナルト 仇を目の前にして自分がどうできるかみたいな事をいい

    ナルト 俺はお前らを許せねえ今すぐにでも殺してやりたい!

    ナルト 俺はお前らの事を何も知らないなぜ憎むようになったのか


      俺の痛みは2つ 1つは両親が殺されたこと




    長門父母は 長門に隠れていなさいといい

    忍者は 敵だ~と父母を瞬殺 
    死体を見て おいこの人達は一般人だぞ
    殺した忍者 なんで戦いのど真ん中に一般人が…すまんなボウズ

    その時外で雷がなり 光ったときに長門が見たものは 木の葉の額当て

    長門 うあああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああ


    Chinese script




    这个时候外面闪耀出雷电的光芒 这个时候长门看见的是木叶的(护额?)
    长门 呜哇哇哇哇哇哇哇哇

    English script roughly translated:

    Dialogue between Naruto and Nagato
    Nagato shoot the black rods from the wheelchair to naruto
    The rods hit to the stomach of Naruto
    Because of the hit, Naruto sees the dealth of Kakashi and Jiraiya.
    Nagato tries to control the thought of Naruto but he can't.

    Konan: Even if he's so close he rejected nagato's chakra.
    Naruto says that it was planned and his eyes start mixing sage mode's eyes and kyuubi style's eyes.
    Naruto: i cant forgive you, now let's finish that.
    And he goes to Nagato

    Naruto stops in front of Nagato
    Naruto: I don't know anything about your hatred. Let's talk about it.

    Nagato begins to talk.
    About the pain, one is my parents were killed.

    Flash back of Nagato
    During the war, two ninjas entered the house where Nagato's family is hiding.
    Probably they are looking for food.
    Nagato was hiding.

    Ninjas: Enemy is here!
    Then Nagato's parent were killed.
    The ninja who is looking for food discovered that they were innocent people.
    Then he said that he was sorry didn't know innocent people still living there.
    Flash light on the protector of konoha's ninja.
    Nagato: "aaaaaaaaaaaaa"
    Rinnegan was shown

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