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    Shadow Clone Jutsu--The Past and The Future

    Hello guys....This is going to be my last post for this some days.................
    While searching on internet. I got(once again) this pretty goood theory. This can explain why naruto uses KB jutsu so much. I loved this one. Just read it. I am not making any kind of statement over here. Read it for fun................

    Author:- Yondaime
    Source:-Shadow Clone Jutsu--The Past and The Future
    Hello good people of NB Forums. I've had a little spare time today, so I decided to make this thread concerning a topic I have been thinking about lately.

    Since the mange is possibly starting to come to an end and Naruto has almost reached his max power, there is one thing left to elaborate on. Before the Jiraiya vs. Pain battle, Jiraiya had a nice little chat with the "Key Frog" about the gift left behind by Minato. Naruto has received clarity on Sage Mode, so the only thing left in the current plot is Itachi's power and the Kyuubi Key. Now, we have pretty much no lead on the Itachi's power thing, so I'm going to focus on the possible way of the key being used and activated. Of course if you haven't figured out by now, my theory revolves around the use of the Shadow Clone Technique thus far in the series in relation to what event is to come. Finally, without further ado, let's begin.

    The Importance of Kage Buushin In this Manga

    As we can see here, the key is obviously still a factor in this story and a part of Naruto's "Power Up Accessories". Now my theory is that Naruto will use, like everything else he does, his shadow clones in order to operate the key and control its power flow. Anyone who has watched the series knows that all of Naruto's success revolves around his Shadow Clone Jutsu, but for the slow ones:

    • The attack on Mizuki even from chapter 1.
    • As intimidation against Gatou's men
    • To subdue Kabuto and form a Rasengan every time it's used
    • To accomplish Kakashi's Tajuu Kage Buushin Jutsu speed training.
    • And more recently, to maintain Sage Mode

    Now I'm sure there are many more that can be listed, but I'm sure you get the point by now.

    With the recent Naruto vs. Pain/Nagato battle going on, most members have been entertained by the many uses of the Rasengan. Though after taking a quick glance through Naruto fights, it's clear what jutsu in his arsenal is the real king of variety.

    The Kyuubi Key

    As stated before the conversation between Jiraiya and the Key Frog is the base of this theory.

    As this page implies, the seal located in the depths of the Key Frogs stomach can be altered. When the seal is twisted even just the slightest, Naruto's personal chakra is shoved to the side and the Kyuubi fully takes over. The problem is though, how do we know that Jiraiya was performing this procedure correctly? I will leave you with that thought for now and it will all become clearer soon enough.

    Now to continues with the Kyuubi part of this theory. It's obvious that Naruto is destined to gain this key and the knowledge of how to control it because it has the potential to shed light on the entire Namikaze family and the Kyuubi sealing.


    Whatever happens to Naruto, happens to the clones. Just to clear this up, here's a little proof:

    As you can see here, when Naruto goes Kyuubi the other clones just vanish form the spot all together for some reason.

    Here, Naruto also goes Kyuubi and his Shadow clone begins to experience quite a bit of Pain.

    Another thing about this process is that whenever a Shadow Clone itself goes Kyuubi, the original one and even the other clones are unaffected.

    Here, the Kyuubi clone goes crazy and the others are safe and sound.

    So Wait, How Did Jiraiya Come to the Conclusion That Naruto Will Use Shadow Clones for This?

    Naruto's fighting style is almost the same as his mother's. This doesn't necessarily mean that Kushina used Shadow Clones, but she was loud and determined like Naruto. If that is true, then Naruto keeps at any goal he sets until he accomplishes it. It just so happens in this manga that whenever Naruto accomplishes his goal, Shadow Clone Jutsu plays a major part in the plot. Jiraiya has observed this factor and knew that Naruto would find a way to make the key work if something was to happen to him. (Otherwise, he wouldn't have told the key to stay with Naruto)

    Now let me turn you attention to the first chapter of the series.

    This famous object, the Scroll of the Forbidden Seal, was the one taken by Naruto and gave him the knowledge of Kage Buushin. The real point of this is though, why is the scroll named what it is? That's right, the only forbidden sealing technique we know about in Konoha is Shiki Fuujin, the jutsu used to seal the Kyuubi in the very beginning.

    Now if you are paying attention, there's something wrong with this picture.

    You heard Mizuki, this scroll was used to perform Naruto's sealing ritual. Kage Buushin was used in the sealing then. So why wouldn't it be a valuable factor in twisting and releasing the key if it wasn't capable of performing the opposite? Considering that the scroll was forbidden by the word of Minato, the scroll could explain the procedure that is to be performed in order to manipulate the seal.

    Stated by Sarutobi, the use of the scroll in the wrong way can result in great danger. Kage Buushin can be dangerous for ordinary ninja, but Sarutobi knows as well as anyone else that Naruto has the Kyuubi, an unlimited source of chakra. So then why can a scroll used to seal away the Kyuubi be so dangerous because of one jutsu? Because that one jutsu along with the others in that scroll, has the ability to unlock the Kyuubi seal.

    Also pay attention to the phrase "If used in a certain way". Naruto has the tendency to perform a task in a completely different way as the people before him. This pattern usually leads to a result that is much better than the original one stated. In the case I'm about to present, the outcome will be no different.

    How Do Shadow Clones Fit Into All of This?
    It would seem that not even this power up can escape the pattern of "Shadow Clones will find a way to make it work".

    So, Jiraiya was able to twist the seal even though he wasn't fully informed on the object. There is no way that Naruto will be given the key without being taught how to use it. A shadow clone could be used in the same manor as the ones left behind for Sage Mode.

    Jiraiya twisted the seal without knowing what will happen to Naruto. If Naruto uses a Shadow Clone to alter the seal, he will be able to tell when something is going on and how the altering is changing him. If things start to get too heated, the clone just simply tightens the seal back up. The way I predict it to be, the only reason the other Shadow Clones were "burned" when Naruto transformed was because Naruto had no way to counter the Kyuubi's chakra taking over his body. By using to seal at a pace and amount that is only determined by Naruto himself, Naruto could possibly harness the chakra of the Nine Tails past his current mark without the negative side effects.

    Imagine Naruto like this, without being engulfed in the Kyuubi's cursed chakra shroud and having his mind taken over by a savage beast.

    If Naruto can gain the knowledge of the Key mechanics, a clone set by Naruto should be able to twist the seal at his own pace. If Naruto is to judge the speed at which it's released and the amount of Kyuubi chakra is mixed in with his own, his regular chakra most likely wouldn't be pushed to the side so fast and easily. Allowing the Kyuub's chakra to run into his own without going past the limit allows for Naruto to keep his head and gain all of the power he was seeking from the Kyuubi in the first place. Mixing the two chakra with possibly Sage Mode will create a force that wouldn't be able to be stopped by any ninja.

    Considering that the Shadow Clones know when the pain is getting too intense and the transformation is getting out of control, they will be able to determine when to stop the chakra flow. I, like many people who have stated this on this site, believe this is the jutsu Minato intended for Naruto to complete. (The Kyuubi chakra control). Obviously Minato will not entrust a jutsu upon his own son that destroy's his mind/body, and calls it complete. The only place to go from there is to gain the full power without having to go though such hardships, like in Sage Mode.

    Closing Statement
    Well, what do you guys think the odds of this is? There are also more small things to be added to this, but I will get to them later. Please point out any faults I have if you choose to.
    Well here is my last post.......I won't be coming online atleast for next 3 weeks..........
    By everyone....TC..............
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