describe the point when you had nothing else to lose.

one day i was really sick and wanted to stay in my room the entire day. but i knew i wouldn't be able to do that. the reason was because i was watching my cousins car and when his fiance was ready to use it for work i had to drive it to her apartment because the repot deprartment was looking for it.

so after bringing it back after my cousin's fiance was able to party and drink with her friends and my sister, my sister decided to make a big deal about something and wanted to go to my cousins fiance to get what she says she forgot. it was too late and i didn't feel like getting it. my sister didn't like it and decided to hit while i was sleep. the punch woke me up all while being sick and tired from dealing with the sickness all day plus bringing back my cousins car, i felt that i couldn't feel any worst than i already felt so i finally decided to fight back.