A little kick to the chest?
Bee was not impressed.
Taka thought the kick was great.
Bee said nope, ur boring mate.
Bee pulled out a book, so he could write.
Bee felt good, so he would fight.
Next thing to see, 8 swords are flying.
5 seconds later... Sasuke is dying.
Multiple swords, multiple cuts.
Then Bee kicked him square in the nuts.
Oh yeah, also 2 swords through the skin.
If Taka wasn't there - it was Bee's win.
That is sasuke death number 1.
But you can eat Karin, the fights not done.
Bee's getting bored. Taka is trying,
To regain composure as well as not crying.
Taka went "black fight" in a 1 v 4.
Bee didn't care, he'd own some more.
Taka's intent to kill proved to fail.
Bee got away, about to set sail.
But eatible Karin detected the Bee.
So he went cloak, red chakra to see.
Sasuke could dodge, that's sorta nice.
Bee didn't care. 3 more to slice.
Taka so scared, they jumped away.
So Bee charged back at lame Sasuke.
Tsukyomi? Eye blood and some pain.
Lariot for death number 2, insane!
Thanks great 8, for being bold.
Genjutsu on Bee - you broke the hold.
Allowed Bee to get up, ready to strike.
Decimate sasuke, sasuke was like.
Goo oo uh floo shoo mah uo gasp pout.
Jugo said Sasuke's organs flew out.
Bee was like oops, i just killed a boy.
Juugo's like no u didn't, sasuke's my joy.
And better than Karin, you don't have to bite.
I'll dump my body out, and sasuke's alright.
Bee bored again, so he went straight 8.
Karin poo'd her pants, said run but too late.
Suigetsu stepped up and challened the tails.
Mouth Kamehameha, more Taka fails.
Sasuke decides to call forth black flame.
And Bee got away, Taka equals shame.
Bee went on vacation, doing quit well.
Taka looked like, they came straight out of hell.

Good Game.