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you know you miss it too

anyway read the manga man, its more action then the anime
i cNT, it'll make me hate the show as a whole. Bleach is more about the action, i cant watch photos of that stuff lol

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lol, Ichigo's voice actor probably just got tired of having to say getsuga tenshou all the time. I swear, its his only move. :D Always have liked the show though, and I'm guessing lots of other people do too, so maybe they're just waiting for the manga to get ahead like others are saying.

Not really a manga fan, its cool to skim through now and again, but I need voices; if I don't have voices, then everyone's voice ends up sounding like Jessie and James (Team Rocket) from Pokemon (dubbed) in my head...yeah, so now you understand why anime is necessary for me. :D
haha i agree, i swear it was getting better than Naruto by a mile IMO