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    Madara will leave then come back, plus more

    In this thread I will state 4 things...
    1st of all...
    If Kabuto ends edo tensei, Madara will also leave.
    People who are saying that Muu was the one who brought Madara out... you are partially correct, he brought Madara back but only to the Battle Field.

    Muu is incapable of using edo tensei... he merely summon the coffin to the battle field

    1st he only brought the coffin to the field... notice his hand and clearly a summoning jutsu only.

    another image of him and madara coming out.

    then here kabuto says that he is in control...

    when the coffin is actually summoned as edo tensei summon he does this... put his hands together... orochimaru also did the same, if you remember... the manga of him doing it is too far back tho so i wont use that as source. Dont believe me still?
    Here he does it twice... one for the first set of edo... with pass members of Akatsuki

    Then he does Madaras coffin persuade Tobi to Cooperate with him. Note Tobi isn't scared... much more surprise... he is unprepared to fight kabuto here, obviously no rinnegan because he still has his old mask, thus kabuto has the upper hand.

    Also much later he also does it here... when Tobi Request that he shows Edo tensei and tell him how to stop it, just in case Tobi ever needed to fight Kabuto. Kabuto stated that he can't risk going against the rinnegan here and must show Tobi to prevent a fight. Meaning Tobi is now prepared to fight even Madara if he was brought out. Also the photo shows Kabuto putting his hands together again to perform edo tensei

    I believe that Madara will leave for a brief moment when Edo is stop... but you re-read the chapter... He was expecting to come back... but not as Edo tho(image above 3rd image if you count starting from the top)... they planned to have Nagato Revive Madara or something in that sort... but since Nagato used it for reviving Konohas people he died after... with this being said now Tobi needs another host to revive Madara and i bet Sasuke was next in line or Tobi will revive Madara once Zetsu tells him that Kabuto has no control over Madara any more(zetsu is always watching or probably watching like always), i think he wont die like nagato, since Nagato was depleted of chakra from fighting Naruto and using too many rinnegan techniques. This will save the Kage but then it brings Madara to Narutos Field tho, Epic battle? I hope so :]


    Tobi had His sharingan on at the time Kabuto was showing him... its a far shot but i think Tobi could have also learned / copied edo tensei.

    characters at his disposal would be Shisui(exploded eye from danzo), Danzo(his corpse), Konan(her blood), and Jiraiya... i think he has the weapon with Jiraiyas blood on it when he was stabbed by pain.


    Just wanted to call out the Madara Fan boy and say that Tobi is able to beat Madara in a vs thread... This proves that he wasn't scared... he was unprepared when the coffin was first shown.

    thanks for reading tell me what you think... i got my flame repellent on:D
    hope you guys enjoy what i thought of... also feel free to prove me wrong on any of this... lastly sorry if someone else already made this... i was at work all day
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