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like i said the only reason noritra took kenpachi that far was becuz he had more arms power wise he was no match kenpachi just fights reckless he dont care bout being cut but if he gets serious he will show u that ur no match 4 him.

wat makes u so sure kyraku can cut noritra skin there is no proof kenpachi physical power is greater than any captain besides yamamoto.

an yea kyraku was going to use bankai cuz there wer to many ceros comeing his way but once he switch to the wolves it made it easier for kyraku to get close to him tell me im lying?

about ur last thing just shut up an read it unless its to hard 4 ur little brain to get.
so what those arms are a part of his power thats like saying "kenpachi is only strong cause hes strong" its just retarded. and kenpachi fights reckless? did you actually watch the fight, im pretty sure nnotria was the one sprinting toward a guy who had just unveiled a new ability which nnotria didnt know anything about

and havent you noticed that kenpachis cutting power comes from his reiatsu? that is what that eye patch does, keeps his reiatsu under control and when it gets knocked of his cutting power increases so this means that to some extent cutting power=reiatsu this means that kyoraku a captain who has mastered swordsmanship to a level equal to kenpachi and has reiatsu nearly equal to kenpachi would almost certainly be able to cut nnotria

and those ceros? i doubt it firing 1000 ceros must have been tireing so it is likely that starrk just couldnt do it again because of how tiring it was/is otherwise starrk would have continued firing them, he was smart