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    Announcement for trainers

    I have spoken with Nexus and we have concluded that it is necessary for the system to have this as an existing rule.

    All sensei, senpai or masters who are caught threatening to stop training a student due to personal reasons, or if they are caught blackmailing a student, you will get your title stripped from you. Here is an example; "Do this or I'll never continue on your training as I am officially the only trainer available now and you'll never finish your training."

    This will be the first and last warning regarding this topic. If, from this point onwards, we identify teachers doing this, you will be stripped from your position.
    Jinbei, Head Sensei.
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    Re: Announcement for trainers

    Nice to see you using your status to bring positive change there jinbei, this kinda rule has been needed for a while

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