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    雀ヶ森レン, Suzugamori Ren

    'Where there is light, there is darkness. That is one of a pair of truths. And light can only be swallowed up by darkness. That is also a truth.'

    Basic Info
    Name: Suzugamori Ren
    Nicknames: Ren-sama, Blaster Dark
    Gender: Male
    Age: 18
    Clan: Uzumaki

    Appearance: Like most other people of the Uzumaki clan, Ren has a distinguished appearance with long red hair and red eyes. His general outfit consists of a dark black trench coat with a long sleeved shirt and long pants, both of a dark red colour. He is also generally seen wearing a black collar aroun his neck. Although this is only his casual outfit. When he's charging into battle, he wears a specifically made armor which is dark and has lots of points all over it, mainly as shoulder guards and limb guards. Coupled with this is a large dark sword made of an unknown material and is double bladed, perfect for his fighting style.

    Personality: Most of the time, Ren is cool, calm and collected, holding a relaxed figure all the time and never really enraged. Most of the time he doesn't like to fight and lets his team mates do most of it, feeling competent in their abilities. Generally when outside observing a fight he barely moves, maintaining a lethargic composure. Though when he does fight, he completely rids of his own persona and becomes on the verge of insanity almost. He has been shown to have a sadistic side to him as well, enjoying other's pain and misery, and even going to create some for others.

    Village Info
    Village of Birth: Uzushiogakure
    Village of Alliance: Kirigakure

    Rank/Chakra Info
    Shinobi Rank: S-Class

    Specialty: -

    Taijutsu - None
    Kenjutsu - B-Rank
    Samurai Techniques - None

    Background History
    Ren's life started back in Uzushiogakure, home of the Uzumaki clan. After the village got destroyed, the Uzumaki's spread all around the world. Eventually Ren was born.

    At a certain point he ventured into a snowy place, known as the Land of Iron. He braced the shivers and the coldness from the country while he ventured in as a young person, about the ages of 14. There he had met with lots of people and samurai, a class which intrigued him. After asking about it, Ren was allowed to stay in the Land of Iron and train with the samurai there and learn their ways.

    It was in all due time before he was allowed to wield a katana, in which he was gobsmacked, like a new person had overcome him. The potential in which the sword held within changed him from a free spirited boy to a narcissistic man with what would seem to be natural talent and proficiency with the sword. Ren's time took a turn for darkness as he encountered the sword, and he ravaged through everyone.

    The elders at the Land of Iron had seen what he had become as a samurai, and a devious one at that. His sadistic remarks towards his fellow samurai was unnerving towards them, and they held within their depths a special samurai armor, said to be that for the "chosen one". It was a dark armor covering the major points of the body and a dark sword to go along with it for fighting. It was said to belong to a legendary samurai known as "Blaster Dark" and he was to be the secomd coming of this legend.

    Donned in his new armor as a standard young man, Ren sets out in hopes for a new home which could satisfy his needs in sadism and so forth. He's recently made it al the way to the mists of Kirigakure, known for it's bloodshed and torture. Even the Mizukage at the time, Alucard saw his demeanor, and allowed him to join the noble land. Ren's been trying to find some proper training in the way of the samurai ever since joining up with Kirigakure.

    Other Info
    "Blaster Dark"
    The dark armor and sword combo said to have belonged to a legend of samurai is now in the posession of Ren. He's usually seen wearing it whenever he's in a real fight. The armor and sword don't grant any bonuses of any kind, but is a lore and just looks cool.

    Alongside this armor, Ren is generally seen wearing two standard katana on each side of himself, generally used for training and sparring.


    Battle Music:

    Wins: 0
    Losses: 0

    If approved, dropping Kakashi.
    Just incase, the legendary "Blaster Dark" is Migualon J.J.
    One more thing: I'm pretty sure his name wasn't "that guy".

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