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with tobiramas feats he will handle neji fairly well. hinatas useless. then its sasuke and mei and kisame vs itachi and kakuzu. sasuke takes on his brother and outlasts him in susano duel unless tsunade can cure the uncurable disease. and kakuzu cant take on those two by himself. hes strong but not god.

no he doesnt. not by a very long shot

with what? we know genjutsu is ineffective. we know katon is ineffective. we know sasuke has hawk summon and chidori variants. amaterasu sword = totsuka. what does itachi have thats so superior?

one susano arrow and its over for him

edo is useless if we dont know who hes summoning or if he can summon anyone
tobi's edo how about he summons a watered version of hashirama...with what he could do in the 1st part...no pollen and stuff none of the things madara showed