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    Awards Showcase

    Hazama Kiyoshi

    ''And stay down...''
    Basic Information | 基本信息
    Name: Hazama
    Nickname: Famalam | Shepherd | Dawan
    Gender: Male
    Age: 23
    Clan: Kiyoshi

    Looks | 样子
    Hazama's appearance is taken after the shady, creepy archetype. He is depicted with bright green hair and an ever-present smile with his eyes closed, belying a demonic nature. He wears a simple black suit with a white shirt underneath, short brown gloves, and brown steel-toed shoes. He dons a pair of black trousers held up by two brown belts. He completes the outfit with a black fedora hat to close the shady visage. Upon anger, he removes his hat and tie, his hair spikes upward, and he opens his eyes, which are gold with snake-like slits for pupils. His smile also becomes that of a psychopathic killer.

    Personality | 个性
    During his childhood, Hazama had always maintained a innocent and kind personality. He would show care and respect to those around him, and would do everything to make his parents proud. His maturity grew before his age, and thus made him more respected as an adult rather than a child. Though many debate that this would later on inflict his attitude and personality in later life, as everyone knows the environmental and social changes can easily mess with someone's brain and turn them for the worse. And that is the case with Hazama, ever since the day his parents deceased he's never cared for anyone's life.He sees death as nothingness and his emotions have wandered away confusingly. He carries a sense of destruction wherever he goes, and he can be considered selfish and manipulative; destroying other people's lives and twisting their beliefs for his own gain.

    He has no qualms with killing those who get in his way, and doesn't seem to show any kind of remorse for his actions. However, when it comes to people he cares about, the turn of events would be the exact opposite, he'd show love and care; He'll show gratitude and respect for their well-being; he'd look after them if they were ill and even die for them. To put it in simple terms, Hazama is a complex individual that has followed the old saying from a book he carries, The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde. In there he has one single sentence underlined, and that sentence reads ''Man is not truly one, but truly two.'' Hazama's actions, beliefs and complexity all matter on who he is doing this to or for. Some see him as a crazy psychopath with nothing good to live for, others see him as a hero and caring friend. He however, doesn't seem to care.

    Village Info | 村信息

    Village of Birth: Konoha.
    Village of Alliance: N/A

    Rank / Chakra Information | 排名 / 恰克拉信息
    Ninja Rank: Sannin
    Specialty: Earth | Medical Training in Progress

    Five basics:
    雷遁 火遁 風遁 水遁 土遁
    Lightning = B-Rank | Fire = A-Rank | Wind = A-Rank | Water = Mastered | Earth = Mastered

    Your ninjutsu:
    忍術 医療忍術 京シ
    Ninjutsu = B-Rank | Medical Ninjutsu = In Progress | Kiyoshi Arts


    Earth Affinity | 土遁
    Due to the excessive effort and time that Hazama put in when training in the Earth element with his sensei Gobi, he begun to feel closer to the element and due to that, prefers to use it the most when in battle. He has understood everything about the element and spent months attempting to master it. And because of that, he can reduce the amount of hand signs needed to normally perform a Doton technique to just one.

    Kiyoshi Abilities
    Kiyoshi ability deals with powerful strikes and giving attacks a more explosive and pulsive effect as well as using energy. The secret to the Kiyoshi Clan’s abilities lies in utilizing chakra at its purest and most natural (and semi-tangible) form. This ranges from shooting pulses of energy to using chakra to expand the range of weapons to surging one’s chakra into another’s body through contact. Members of the Kiyoshi Clan focus much of their effort in acquiring the ability to focus in on and sense Energy so that they can gather the Energy from the environment and utilize it. As such, the members that are more adept at feeling Energy can locate the specific Energy sources of living entities (trees, animals, and most human beings) and non-living objects alike since all things of the world, in Kiyoshi Philosophy, give off some sort of energy of their own, be it spiritual, physical, or natural (physical energy is extremely difficult to sense because of its lack of metaphysical properties). The Kiyoshi Clan’s fighting style is a mix of Tai Chi (to control calm movement of energy, best utilized by Kiyoshi Masters), Hung Ga (to control stable and powerful movement of energy), and Northern Shaolin Kung Fu (for close combat). The Kiyoshi Clan’s energy is based to be sent out in pulses. When in combat, they can utilize the energy, which causes their hands and/or feet to glow whatever color coincides with their personality and ability [green, blue, red, white, ect. (Distinct colors only occur in Kiyoshi Generals and higher)] and when they direct an attack, right before contact an invisible/visible “pulse” of chakra is sent out of their fists/feet to make an explosive effect when a clan member delivers a punch or kick that can send the opponent back many feet. Movement also plays a big role in the use of pure chakra/energy. The larger/bigger the motion during movement made to utilize energy, the more energy will be produced. Masters of the Kiyoshi art are signified by a significant glow in their eyes when utilizing the energy, and they can use it much more effectively than normal members. The ability is called Konki Myaku (Energy Pulse). (The reason why those with Kekei Genkai cannot utilize the ability is because their chakra is different from regular chakra and their bloodline effects their chakra in a way that it is configured to work a certain way, thus their chakra can never be “pure”. People with Tailed Beasts can learn to purify their chakra, but it would be nearly impossible due to their bijuu’s influence on their chakra.)

    Background Information | 背景资料


    It was a dark stormy day. The snow was blitzing down from the skies, and thunder roared through the oceans. Hazama was sitting on a rock in the peak of the highest mountain, in the middle of nowhere, whistling to himself, almost like he was waiting for someone. And then it struck, the lightning stopped and the storm quieted down. A second man approached the former with his head down, the sun escaped from the wrath of the clouds and glimmered onto his body, raying a hope of light onto mankind. The closer he was getting the clearer the day got. He was wearing traditional Japanese clothes, and his hair was shining in gold. He lifted his head in a polite manner as the sun shined into his eyes, and the gold pupils glared into the eyes of Hazama, as the man took a seat next to him.

    ‘‘Tell me about your past’’ Said the man, as his words rocketed down Hazama’s mind. Thoughts, feelings and memories drowned him in his own subconscious. As sweat was running down his face like an avalanche on a snowy mountain, and his teeth were grinding vigorously. At the end he beat his temptation though, and he sighed in relief as he looked up at the questioned man. Hazama took a deep breath and opened his eyes, revealing a tinted golden glare as well, which made the man chuckle, as the story of Hazama was about to begin.

    ‘‘Many have called me a disaster of mankind, a waste of our resources and some have even questioned the point of my existence. Life hasn’t been all too great for me yet, and I’ve strived and fought for my own survival, done things others would see as an unexplainable action, things I’m not generally proud of. But let’s start at the beginning before we go off track. It was a long time ago, of course I can’t remember it, but many have described it as a horrible event, others have signified its importance in our world, but I just know it as my birth. It was on the outskirts of Konoha, located inside a barn that my father had bought for the family. You see we weren’t really the rich kind of people, and we were never officially part of a village. Therefore, the consequences were very dire, my father and mother had to work for themselves and we lived in that small barn and a small field that soon enough after a few years would turn into a great farm that was my first and still to this day, my home.

    I wasn’t an ordinary kid, or so I was told by most people. I don’t really remember being a kid at all, since the beginning of my existence, I was always treated as an adult. I helped both my parents around the farm and hence became mature way before people my own age. I had no time to involve myself around the Academy that was close to our farm, because of the situation that my family was in. However, I was always interested in the shinobis that would run across our field during their missions; sometimes I would catch them on their way to the mission and act as a kid, rather than the adult that my parents had made me out to be. It was fun, because these people weren’t aware of my maturity and thus paid me much more respect and sincerity, which somehow made me feel happy inside. That moment would only last a little bit because we both had jobs to attend to; the shinobis had to go forth on their mission, whilst I had to go back to the farm and get back to my work.

    This was pretty much my life for a short amount of time, I don’t remember most days well because the pattern of events would always be the same, I never had a goal, I never even knew what a goal was, I was isolated from the rest of the kids and I had led a different life. Until one day where this all changed to me, I was out playing in the field one day with a wooden kunai that was left to me by a special shinobi, I also had been spying on a particular person that I saw from a distance. His body was covered in a thick fog, though I could see a golden shine come from the fog, I just couldn’t wonder what it was. Once done and on my way back I heard a noise come from inside the barn. Anxious to know what was going on, I obviously went to approach this noise, and this sound sent a chill down my spine. I could tell something was wrong so I dropped the kunai and began descending towards the barn. I slammed the door open only to witness horror that still to this day shock me everytime the thought comes into mind. My mother was lying on the floor covered in blood, a katana was stuck in her right lung and her eyes were wide open, and right In front of her fell my dad. He was still just alive, crawling towards the door with his right arm extended, motioning me to run away, but I just stood there in shock. I didn’t know what to do, I was scared and worried, but I just stood there. And then, right in front of my eyes, a katana was stabbed straight onto my dad’s back, blood was gushing out and splattered all over my face. My eyes widened and the veins were popping out. I couldn’t believe what I had just seen; I fell onto my knees and lowered my face. Seeing the corpses of the only people that actually cared about me, the people that raised me and the people that I loved. My whole world was crushed completely, my heart was broken, I thought this was the end, but nothing happened. The clock just went on, tick tock…. tick tock.

    And then came two men, dressed as shinobis who were chuckling to themselves, like this was some kind of joke. Realizing that this is the true world, finding out the truth in our pitiful existence, I came to a halt. All emotions that I had felt at one point in my life was now gone, and a new me was born. A heart full of hatred and sorrow, I looked up at my first sight on these two shinobis as they were deciding on what to do with me. And as one of them approached me with a katana out of its sheath, I took a deep breath and closed my eyes. Clenching my fists as hard as I could, I let out a roar that shook the world apart and went on a rampage, I myself don’t know what actually happened. I just kept screaming with my eyes closed, I heard the sound of pain ravaging through their veins, hearing their blood swivel out of their bodies, felt the evil side of me take over as I stood there beating two shinobi to death.

    The deed had been done and there’s no undo button in our life, I was now in even more shock as I had pummelled these people into nothingness with my own fists. Covered in blood I sky-rocketed out of the door and ran as far as I could. I didn’t care as to where my destination would be or for how long I’d be running. I only cared about running till I could run no more. I probably ran for days, weeks or even months, I couldn’t tell, I just kept on running. Tears were rushing down my eyes as people from the streets were looking across their shoulders in disgust. I came to a dark alleyway, and as I ran down I hit onto a person and staggered onto the floor. The person jumped in shock and quickly bent down to his knee, in order to help my dizzy and confused body. My vision was mostly blurred and I couldn’t really distinguish what was going on around me, though I could feel being dragged around due to the fact I couldn’t walk on my own legs. I then felt the soft sweet tender touch from a duvet, I was lying on a bed and I fell onto its resistance. This was the first time in weeks where I could take a nap, and of course, I fell into a world of dreams.

    Several hours later, my mind was clear again and my vision was perfect. I woke up to three boys around my age sitting down smiling towards me. They all came up one by one and introduced themselves as I was attempting to figure out where I was located.

    The first approached. ‘‘Hello there, my name is Scaze. There’s not really much to say, apart from the fact that if you ever try getting in my way you know what’d happen.’’ I looked at him with a slight confused look, since his approach wasn’t all so friendly.

    The second followed shortly after ‘‘Why hello there, I’m Baldy. People call me that because I’m Bald. I like to talk very fast and in long sentences, so you’d have to listen carefully if you want to get along here.’’ Again, this was said in a quick manner and disturbed me to an extent.

    Finally, the third and oldest came up. ‘‘Hello there, I’m Erzo and we’re just like you. I saw you run along the streets and knew you needed help, and that’s what we’re here for. Make yourself at home, because this is your home now.’’ This one seemed like the leader to me, but I was too confused and tired to work out what was going on.

    Later that day, Scaze, Baldy, Erzo and I took a trip around the new village that I had landed in. Much to my surprise, this village was Kumogakure, the land of the clouds. And as I was taking a stroll I got to adapt more and more to my new home, the Raikage, Mugiwara, was out for a walk. Village kids would run around friendly without a care in the world, and a man walked past the four of us and glimpsed with his eyes, as I saw a golden taint shine like a light in a dark room. The man kept on walking without looking at us again, as the four of us finally reached the destination. It was the Kumogakure academy. We ran to the front doors as my newfound 3 friends knocked hard. A lady answered it and soon enough I found myself inside where I had always dreamed to be. In the exact place that will train me to become the person that I always wanted to be. Before I couldn’t achieve that goal due to how I was raised up and helping out my family, but now the time had come. The gates opened and a swarm of kid ran past us, some of these would later carry on becoming very close friends of mine. Five kids approached Erzo, Scaze and Baldy since they knew each other before this event. They later then identified themselves to me as –Naruto- Zwei, Kryptiic, Dead Bones and Klaus. I could sense their innocent and calm nature, and I felt happy being around them. They decided to give us a tour of the academy, and my mouth was gaping in awe as we walked around the facility, I could pin-point the exact personalities of all the kids just judging by their body position. Two boys, called Selendrile and Coyote, were leaning on their backs against the wall, and I could tell they were the so called supposed ‘‘cool kids’’ of this lot. We carried on our tour around the academy, met the teachers and had conversations with everyone around.

    Once done with that we went towards out first lesson. And before the blink of an eye the time for graduation had begun. Years have been spent now at the academy and in Kumogakure. I had made lots of friends and my life was on track, everything was going perfect, and apparently, my potentiality was looked over by a feared person across the Ninja World. He was regarded as a very strong sensei that approached me on the day of graduation, and that was when my life took a turn for the better. His name was Gobi Gobletsson. And is one of the people that I look up to the most, the reason why I’m sitting right here is because of him. He took me in under his wing, and taught me for days to weeks, to months and even years. My training was severe; it’s funny because I still remember my first day with him. I had to leave everyone behind and both of us went on an adventure together. I packed all my clothes and equipment, my blood gushing excitedly through my body as the life of my journey was about to begin, Gobi and I waved goodbye to the academy and set out.

    Our times of training is not something I’d like to share with everyone, since it’s something really private and important to me, thus the information would be kept secret to myself and Gobi only. But all I can tell you is, during this journey I’ve met with countless of people, both that would turn out to become either friends or foes. One person could be considered a mutuality between the two, you see me and Gobi would visit Kumogakure every now and then whilst we were in the neighbourhood, and one time we were caught in the midst of a war. The Akatsuki, had attacked my previous home. And two men, called Goro Kaguya and Izanami Kaito were flying above, their high positions in comparison to the clouds and the villagers signified their dominance. And within an instant the whole Kumogakure was about to fall from beneath my eyes, or so I thought. As I was in shock from the invaders attacking, Gobi went out of my sight due to the distraction. And something struck to me right there, memories began swarming my body as I recalled all the people that cared about me in Kumogakure. Everyone that helped me put my life together again, and with those memories I began running towards the gates. The time for reminiscing wasn’t just there yet, as we had to hold the Akatsuki off. I helped my friends and the villagers, but we couldn’t last long. So I decided to give it all with one shot. I let my body get the better of me as I ravaged towards the pair of Akatsuki, and fought just like I did back in my childhood, though this time with my eyes open. I couldn’t land a hit though; these guys were out of my league. But in a glimmer of hope, just before I would pass out, I saw the same man again, he was standing from a distance and his eyes were shining gold. I couldn’t hope but wonder who that man was, and that’s a question I have been wondering my entire life. This man has appeared in rather different situations during my life, he’s been there the entire time, almost like he was watching me.’’
    Hazama chuckled to himself as he raised his head and looked towards the man sitting In front of him. He stopped for a second to breathe in as he was finishing off his story.

    ‘‘After taking a heavy beating, the Raikage had arrived with his wings flapping magically into the air. Him and the Daimyo of Kumogakure, whose name I never got to find out, fought the Akatsuki duo and beat them. My body was heavily beaten and after I got healed I decided to go on my own adventure this time. I spent weeks gathering Intel on this person, finding out why he’s been following me and more importantly what he wants. Who he is and what he is famous for, after all this time. I was told that if I came here, on this specific day at this specific time, I’d finally meet you…

    His eyes widened, as he took a gasp of breath and finishes his story.

    …Roku Kiyoshi.’’

    Roku laughed to himself, as he stood up from the rock. ‘‘Your story is very interesting, and yes it is true. You were a special one from the start, I can tell you know why I’ve approached you.’’
    Words muttered out of Hazama as his smiled went inhumane ‘‘The Kiyoshi Clan?’’

    Roku put his hands behind his back and faced the other way ‘‘Come forth now Hazama, your time has only just begun.’’ They started a walk towards the direction Roku came from, it was quiet and took some time. And as they walked, the birds flew magically, the grass swayed in a generous manner, and Roku turned towards Hazama for a split second, letting the sun shine into his eyes again, glaring with gold, because the story of Hazma Kiyoshi, has just begun...

    Other Information | 其他信息

    Theme song and Background Music

    Won: Derp
    Lost: Herp
    NOTE: Approval into the Kiyoshi clan -Here-
    NOTE: Permission from Hazama -Here-
    NOTE: This is a medical bio and thus needs to be checked by Nexus.
    NOTE: Dropping Dawan Kaguya.
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