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    Yesterday is history, tomorrow
    is a mystery and today is a
    gift. Thats why they call it
    the present

    Awards Showcase

    [Rain Test] Kato Rokuemon + Sharingdork

    The rules are as followed.

    - Rei's R & R
    - We may only use Water Release, Wind Release
    - We may not use Custom Jutsus or Custom Elements.
    - Terrain: An open field with no water source
    - Range: Mid
    - Weather: Sunny
    - Breaking the rules will result in the automatic failure of the test.

    Please do not spam this fight. Only Myself, Sharingdork, Admins, Mods, and Senseis (upon request) may post here.

    I shall be using my Renji Hyūga Bio. Please post your bio and I shall make the first move.
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