Hopefully Kishi will answer this eventually, but i think he just forgot about it.

Why hasn't anyone in Konoha ever consider reading from the forbidden scroll?

The 4th prohibited anyone from reading from the scroll.
But don't you think there might be some interesting jutsus or even some insights that could help Konoha right now?

- info on the kyuubis
- info on Naruto's seal

I mean, Kage Bunshin which is Naruto's signature move doesn't seem like something that should be prohibited.

They should just give it to Naruto...LOL...although I don't think he has enough brain power to fully understand it's potential.

Lastly, if Orochimaru wanted to learn all jutsus in the world...why the hell didn't he start by stealing the book in the first place? he definetely had the chance many times.

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