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    Tobi (once again)

    soooo first off i have seen some "Tobis identity" threads already and that people are saying "oh lord why that again?" ...well ever since i just named this thread "Tobi (once again)" and all u haters still clicked on it i dont realy care if u think this thread is unnecessary.

    first off i want to watch the authors view about the unraveling of tobis identy.

    1. u got to need a character that isnt known much about.
    2. u need a character that is quite powerfull.
    3. that 1 got to be rather old and havent died yet (or at least the circumstances of death must be questionable).

    further more the introduction of a new character would be a huge troll of the author if u consider how much effort he put in to the "keep tobis identity unkown" stuff

    with all that said i would definitely suggest TOBIRAMA SENJU as an ideal candidate. (furthermore the name seems to be fitting quite well^^)

    why? well ...

    1. he is the only major character who is said to be an experience space-time-jutsu user

    2. due to him beeing the inventor of the edo-tensei, 1 can figure that he had to have some medical knowledge, meaning that eye transplantation (sharingan / rinegan) is quite possible. --> furthermore ever since he is a senju, there is a possibility that the sharingan is adaptable to his body (especially ever since madra did it the other way round with hashiramas genes)

    3. no1 actually saw him die .

    4. this is point is highly theoretical: he willingly tried to segregate the uchihas from government business... am i realy the only 1 who thinks thats kinda suspicious ?(maybe they knew he was up to something...)

    ... the only problem im facing with this theory is, that his "corpse" was used in the orochimaru vs sarutobi fight and furthermore sealed by the 3rd. But as said ...ever since he was the INVENTOR of the edo tensei their may be some kind of loophole or stuff.

    what do u guys think of this? if u dont agree at least try to give some constructive critic.


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    Re: Tobi (once again)

    So you see the sticky thread and still go ahead and make a new one. In short, it is your first post and you are already ignoring forum rules and regulations.

    Welcome to the base but read the forum rules before posting more. You have to abide by them, when playing here.

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