Please dont be like :sy: not another Tobi thread.
ok so plz read before going crazy with stupid responces.
well ive been thinking about it for awhile now and came up with 3 Tobi theorys that that could make him Izuna or a creation from Madaras rinnegan so please read...

Theory No.1
when there was no villages and only clans the Uchiha and Sanju where the strongest and both got over all the fighting so they dicided to make peace with each other BUT i think as a extra barganing chip Tobirama came up with the Edo jutsu and told Madara he could bring his brother back from the dead and Madara agreed but once Izuna was brought back Madara learnt he wasnt his brother but a puppet so he tried to bring war to the new Leaf Village but no1 from the Uchiha would listen so he left the village for revenge. And then when the 2nd Hokage died(Tobirama) Izuna's Tags came loose so he looked to get revenge..which is where he would know all about the Madara Vs Hashirama fight and Stuff and being so OLD looking when konan destroys half his mask

Theory No.2
When the fights would happen between the Sanju and Uchiha, Tobirama at the time would use Edo's to help fight against the Uchiha's and with Madara having EMS he could read the hand signs and learnt the ritural to bring someone back to he tried it and brought back Izuna to take over his bidding for the Moon Eye Plan once he past away.

Theory No.3
Once Madara gained the rinnegan he learnt the Jutsu to creat Illution into reallity(SO6P version NOT izangi) he tried using this to creat a copy of himself and thats how Tobi was made BUT then he experimented on Tobi with Hashirama's Cells which could be why he looses arms then later on they are back because hes a Black and White Zetsu inspired Creation that doesnt die from normal means like loosing an arm or arms(since hes lost his left and right in more then 1 fight but not at the 1 time) which could be why Tobi says his a shell of his former self because Madara wasnt able to match SO6P in creation of things.
Anyway thats all i have to blab about so what you all think? :shrug:
But then again we'll have to wait until Kishi decides to show it in the manga on who Tobi really is..