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    [Harry Potter] A New Chance, Chapter 2

    Since I am bored at the moment, I decided to upload Chapter 2

    Chapter 1

    Lily Evans-Potter didn't really die on that fateful night, but was granted a new chance to correct mistakes her mistakes from the past. Sets in HBP and DH, slightly Au but follows the real storyline.
    __________________________________________________ ___

    I walked together with Ron, Hermione, Neville and Ginny into the Great Hall, as we sat down on the Gryffindor Table I looked around, "Where's Harry?"

    They looked around them, "I don't see Snape either", Ron said, "Hope he got finally sacked."

    I looked at him angrily, "He isn't that bad, Ronald, I still don't understand what you have against him."

    Ron looked at her in disgust, "He gives Harry and me always detention, he's a total git Els."

    I sighed, I was about to answer then the door flew open, McGonagall walked in front of the first years, who looked terrified and amazed at the same time when they saw the size and roof of the Great Hall.

    McGonagall stood next to the Sorting Hat and started with calling the first years to the front.

    After 20 minutes, the sorting was done and as Professor McGonagall took away the Sorting Hat Professor Dumbledore stood, "I will welcome the First Years, and will say 'welcome back' to the older students, I have a lot to tell you, but that can wait until after the Feast. Bon Appetite", he sat on his chair again and the empty plates were filled with food.

    As the Feast went on, Els kept on wondering where Harry was, then Harry suddenly dropped next to her, "Where've you – blimey, what've you done to your face?", said Ron.

    "Why, what's wrong with it?" said Harry, "You're covered in blood!", Els said, while muttering "Tergeo", to remove the blood.

    "Thanks", said Harry, "How's my nose looking?"

    "Normal", said Hermione, "Why shouldn't it? Harry what happened, we've been terrified! Well, Els and I", she added with a look on Ron, who was still stuffing his face.

    "I'll tell you later", Harry said while reaching for the chicken legs.

    "You missed the Sorting, anyway", said Els as the pudding appeared.

    "Hat said anything interesting?" asked Harry, "More of the same, really… advising us all to unite in the face of our enemies, you know."

    As they continued with discussing, Els saw Professor Snape slipping inside and taking his place at the end of the Teachers Table.

    She was happy to see him again, besides Dumbledore and McGonagall, he was the only person at Hogwarts she knew from her old schooldays.


    Half an hour later Els found herself in the Gryffindor Common Room again, although she didn't do anything special today, she was quite tired, so she said goodnight to Harry, Ron and Hermione, and went to her dormitory.

    She just finished changing into her pyjama when Ginny walked into the dormitory and sat down on her bed.

    "I need your help Els, with a boy", I stared at her, "you already have a had some boyfriends, so why do you need my help, I don't have any experience with boys."

    Ginny sighed, "They were more to make this notice me than another Weasley."

    I thought for a moment, "I will help you, but you have to tell me who it is, do I know him?"

    Ginny started to blush, "Yes, you know him, I think everybody does, it's Harry, I've fancied him since I was eleven, but I've always been to shy."

    My mind worked on full speed, if Ginny fancies Harry, and if they will get married eventually, that means that I'll get I big family, with all the Wealsey's, only one problem nobody knew about my 'past'.

    I quite liked that thought, I've only been a couple times at the Weasley's but they are great. I nodded, "Okay I will help you, but I also got my own Love Quest for this year", Ginny stared at me, "Who?", she asked.

    "I won't tell you, Gin, not yet", Ginny punched my pillow, "That's not fair, I just told you who I fancy, and now you don't want to tell me who you fancy!"

    I nudged her with my elbow, "I'll tell you soon enough, you have to be patient."

    Ginny jumped off my bed, "Alright, but you really have to tell me, well, I'm off to bed." As Ginny made her way to her own four-poster she said, "Is he hot?"

    I couldn't help to smirk, "Hot as hell, Gin!"


    It was quite late when Ginny and I arrived at the Great Hall the next morning, as we quickly sat down to eat our breakfast, Professor McGonagall made her way over to us, "Miss Vinyal, Miss Weasley, her are your time tables for this Term", she said as she handed each of us a slide of parchment.

    I looked at it, "not bad", I said to Ginny, "A free now, then a double DADA, after Break Potions and then after lunch a double History of Magic, how's yours?"

    Ginny and I had the most classes the same, only Ginny had chosen Armetcy, while I had continued with Divination.

    After breakfast we went back to the Gryffindor Common Room, and sat down in the sofa near the fire place, except for us, it was empty in the Common Room, so we started to make a plan, 'How to catch Harry's heart' or HHH as Ginny called it. After an hour of giggling we made our way to the third floor for our DADA lessons.

    Inside the classroom it was dark, Ginny and I sat down on the second row and waited for the rest of the class to take a seat.

    Then a door flew open and revealed Professor Snape, I stared at him in shock, Ginny noticed and nudged in the shoulder, "Did you forget that Snape is our DADA teacher?", she whispered, I nodded, seems like I missed a lot of Dumbledore's speech yesterday.

    Snape strode to the front of the classroom while his cloak billowed behind him, "welcome to this years first Defence against the Dark Arts class", he whispered, but there was no one in the room who hadn't heard him, "Because you've had five different teachers the last years we will start with a test to see how far you all are."

    He waved with his wand and in front of each student several parchment's appeared, "You have one hour to complete the questions, start."

    It didn't take long before you could only hear the sound of quills writing on parchment, I finished quite quickly with my questions and started to doodle a bit on a piece of parchment, while glancing around.

    My eyes flew over the rest of the class, nobody else was finished yet, I looked at Professor Snape, he hadn't changed at all in the summer, to be honest he hadn't changed in 5 years, he even looked the same since he was 20, the same mysterious black eyes, the same nose and hair, only the wrinkles and bags under his eyes were different form 17 year ago.

    I kept looking at him and it seemed like he noticed someone staring at him, his head snapped up and he looked angry around the class, his eyes met mine, but I didn't look away. I think we stared to each other for only a few seconds, but it seemed much longer, then I broke the contact.

    The next five teen minutes went quick, Professor Snape stood up, "Time's up, lay down your quill."

    A Ravenclaw boy next to me tried to quickly write down his last answer, but he was caught by Snape, "Mister Scamander, if I tell you to lay down your quill, then you will do that, 10 points from Ravenclaw!"

    He waved his wand the parchments flew to the front of the class, and landed in a pile on his desk, "For the rest of today's lesson we try Disarming Spells, now make pairs and start."

    It took a couple of minutes before everybody was split up in pairs, as we started to disarm each other I noticed that only Ginny, Collin and I actually managed to disarm someone, a different DADA teacher would have each of us awarded with some points for Gryffindor, but Snape was still Snape.

    It was my turn to disarm Ginny and with much more concentration the usual I pointed my wand at her and mumbled, "Expelliarmus", Ginny flew gracious to the other side to the classroom where she landed on the floor with a soft 'thud'.

    I saw Snape looking at me and winked to him, his eyes narrowed and I hurried quickly to Ginny to see if she was alright, "That was fun!", she exclaimed, "I think I made quite a show in the air", she burst out in laughing as I helped her to her feet, I handed her her wand and we walked back to our spot.

    "How did you do it?", Ginny asked, I frowned, "Do what?"

    "You know disarming me, letting me fly to the other side of the room and not hurting me."

    I looked at her, "I don't know, I was really concentrated on the spell, but I mumbled it, maybe that's the trick."

    It didn't take long before the bell rang and as we made our way to the Great Hall Ginny said, "Why did Snape look so angry at you when we left, you didn't do anything wrong!"

    I smiled, "I think it was because I winked at him earlier in the lesson."

    Ginny stood frozen on the middle of the stairs, "You did WHAT to Snape", I pulled her to a corner of the Hall, "I was just joking, it happened just after I disarmed you and you flew to the other side of the room, he looked to me with this expression and I just couldn't resist to wink."

    Ginny burst out in laugher, "I whished I could've seen the look on his face after you winked, it must've been priceless!"

    We were still giggling as we sat down next to Harry, Ron and Hermione, they looked at us with curios faces, but we didn't say anything.

    The rest if the day went by pretty fast, and it felt only like an hour before Ginny and I set down in or dormitory, "So what about HHH", Ginny asked, "I think you should make him a bit jealous, I've got a feeling he like you, but he doesn't know it for himself yet."

    Ginny looked thoughtfully, "but how do I get him jealous?", she asked. I started to smile, "I think that's not to difficult, give him little, subtle hints, and then have to see you making-out with someone else. You have something with Dean Thomas if I remember correctly", Ginny nodded, "Yes, but I don't really like him, but I think your plan can work. And he's Quidditch Captain now, so I can spend more time with him, we need a new Keeper, Beaters and Chasers anyway", I nodded, "that could help."

    "Do you still don't want to be on the team, Els, I know you can fly great, and I think you would be a great Chaser!"

    I shook my head, "Unlike you, my 'crush' isn't on the Quidditch Team, he's not now, and he will never be."

    Ginny sighed, "You still won't tell me who it is", I nodded, "Not yet, but I will tell you soon enough." I gave her a wink and then took a towel and some clean clothes, "I am going to have a bath, I have to think." I gave Ginny a hug, "I'll probably will be in the bath for a long time, Goodnight", I said while I made my way to the Prefects Bathroom.

    I would appreciated it if you'd leave a small comment

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    Re: [Harry Potter] A New Chance, Chapter 2

    wow that is amazing

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    Re: [Harry Potter] A New Chance, Chapter 2

    Quote Originally Posted by uzumaki antonia View Post
    wow that is amazing

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