(Credit goes to Ririku for his Zelda: Primordial Darkness RP)

It's been 200 years since the Hero of Time defeated Ganon the Demon King.

With the help of the 7 Sages, Ganon was banished to the Void Realm.

7 seals were placed on the entrance to the Void Realm and the 7 keys that locked them were scattered throughout the 3 realms:

3 were hidden in Hyrule
2 were hidden in Termina
2 were hidden in the Twilight Realm

With the Dark One locked away for all time, peace returned to the land of Hyrule...

...Until the day of the solar eclipse. As the shadow covered the light of the sun, the Army of Twilight invaded Hyrule. Under the rule of the Twilight King, Castle Hyrule was sieged and the Queen imprisoned in the ivory tower.

The Twilight King sought the divine power of the triforce and entered the Golden Land. But his presence tainted the sacred resting place of the goddess' power. When the Twilight King touched the triforce it shattered into many pieces and those pieces were scattered througout the 3 realms.

As you sleep in your bed you recieve a dream. The old Light Sage tells you of a forgotten darkness that threatens to awaken once more. While your destiny is unclear, You and many others will shape the future of the world...

...But will you lead it into the light, or will you consume it with darkness?

Welcome to TLOZ:War of the 3 Realms. As a chosen bearer of a Sacred Shard, your task is to collect the other shards to help save the 3 realms...or collect them to rule the realms. Here are the details to better help you create your hero:

The Sacred Shards are pieces of the 3 shattered triforces. They come in 3 varieties; Power, Wisdom, and Courage. Depending on the shard your hero possesses, this will shape the abilities, magic, and style of play throught this RP.

Power Shards: Red shards represent the warrior class. Those possessing red shards tend to favor combat. They solve their problems with their weapons and offensive magic, and lack the basic puzzle solving skills and magical aptitude the other two paths possess. Weapons exclusive to Power shard bearers are Long Swords, Hammers, Axes, Maces, and Claymores.

Wisdom Shard: Blue shards represent wisdom and are used by those seeking the arcane knowledge of magic use. Those who possess wisdom shards specialize in, Protection, Supportive, and Healing magics. Their offensive magics are particularly potent and they have a large mana reserve to draw upon. They make great scholars and alchemists. Weapons exclusive to Wisdom Shard Bearers are Staves, Spell Books, Magic Daggars and Talismens.

Courage Shards: Green shards represent courage and are wielded by those favoring adventure. The bearers are puzzle solver masters. A well rounded hero, their knowledge of the land and lengthy supply of tools and gadgets them suitable for almost any situation. They are not a physically strong as Power Shard Bearers or possess the magical skill of Wisdom Shard Bearers, but their agility, versatility, and ingenuity makes up for their shortcommings. Weapons exclusive to Courage Shard Bearers are Bomb Bags, Boomerangs, Slingshots, twin daggers, bow and arrows, and Hookshots.


Unknown Hero: this is the beginning rank.
Weapon Slots: 3

Renowned Hero: Must collect 10 shards to earn this rank
Item Slots: 4

Storied Hero: Must collect 25 shards to earn this rank
Weapon Slots: 5

Legendary Hero: Must collect 50 shards to earn this rank
Weapon Slots: 6


Hylian: The most numerous of the races. They are well rounded in all aspects but master in none.

Kokiri The Kokiri may look like children but they are actually adults. They are not as strong or agile as the other races but they are one of the most magically gifted. Every Kokiri has a fairy partner when they are born and they also cannot get lost in the forest.

Goron Gorons are naturally strong but weak with magic. They can curl up into a bolder and charge through walls and groups of monsters when they build enough speed.

Zora The zora are magically gifted and posses a larg pull of Mana to draw from. They dislike dry climates and wear a rigged diving helmet filled with water that keeps them from drying out when the venture away from Zora's Domain.

Gerudo The all female Gerudo dwell in Gerudo valley and are adept in stealth and are masters of swordplay. They are agile and have a good understanding of magic.


The 7 Sages
The 7 sages are gatekeepers and guardians of the realms. They each protect one of the 7 seals to the Void Realm and are the only ones that can use the keys that unlock the seals.

Champions of Light
Those who wish to protect the 3 realms belong to this order. They seek to banishes the darkness and return the realms to peace. Champions of Light are welcomed everywhere except for the Twilight Realm and Hyrule Castle(which is under Twilight rule) Monsters will attack the Champions of Light on site.

Twilight Harbingers
Those of this faction seek to cover the realm in shadow. they are loyal to the Twilight King and worship the Demon King Ganon. Monsters won't attack Twilight Harbingers, they are welcomed in the Twilight Realm but are feared by all other realms.


You start with only one shard
You can only collect the shards of your starting color. (red shard Bearers can only collect red shards, Blue Shard Bearers can only collect blue shards etc)
Everyone starts at the Unknown Hero Rank
It takes 3 posts to travel from one location to another
Use rubbies at shops to purchase more powerful weapons and gear.
If you die you are sent back to your house for 3 posts
Dungeons are tough and require multiple heroes to takle.
Dungeon Bosses should not be fought alone unless you are at the Lengendary Hero Rank.
No Swearing!
No Trolling!
Be Repectful


You can make 2 moves per post. 1 post per turn
All successful hits cause 1 heart's worth of damage
If the attack is blocked or evaded the attack does 1/2 damage
Magic attacks cost 1 magic crystal per use
Basic Magic spells take 2 posts to cast (1 post to incant and 1 post to cast)
Standard Magic spells take 3 posts to cast, do 2 heart's worth of damage, and require 2 crystals to use
Advanced Magic Spells take 5 posts to cast, but do 3 heart's worth of damage, and require 3 crystals to use
When your hearts are depleted, you die and are sent back to your house for 3 posts
When your crystals are depleted, you are fatigued and cannot move for 2 posts. On the 3rd post your crystals are restored

These are the weapon types each class can wield. Certains weapons are only accessable to certain classes. Each weapon is Calssified by (P) for Power (W) for Wisdom or (C) for CourageThere are other magical artifacts for every class that are scattered about the 3 realms. The most powerful ones are hidden througout dungeons and are difficult to come by without a well balanced party and some preparation
Short Swords (P) (C)
Long Swords (P)
Dual Daggers (C)
Magic Daggers (W) (C)
Bow and Arrows (C)
Hammers (P)
Axes (P)
Staves (W)
Spell Books (W)
Talimans (W)
Boomerangs (C)
Hookshots (C)
Bombs (C)

Hero Template:
Shard(Red, Blue, or Green):
Weapon (up to 3):
Background(Keep it short):

Here is my Bio:

Name: Korvo
Age: 17
Race: Gerudo
Faction:The 7 Sages
Shard(Red, Blue, or Green): Red
Weapon (up to 3): Magic Dagger(fire), Basic Spell Book, Basic Taliman
Hometown: Gerudo Valley
Background(Keep it short):Every 100 years a male is born amongst the Gerudo. That male is raised to become the leader over their people. Korvo was born amongst the Gerudo tribe. Because of what Gannondorf wrought during his rain as Gerudo leader, the Gerudo women, as well as the rest of Hyrule, look upon Korvo's birth with great suspicion. Korvo was sent to the Dester Collassus where he was raised by Twinrova the sibling witches of the desert temple. Korvo is nothing like Gannondorf. He has a stern but kind heart and works tirelessly to undo the wrongs that where caused by his predecessor.