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    Re: Zoro And Luffy are Baddass

    If you've skipped any chapters/episodes or read info on wikia just so you've caught up, you're an idiot.

    You shouldn't even be considering watching/reading as a leisure activity if you plan on doing it half assed.

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    Re: Zoro And Luffy are Baddass

    Quote Originally Posted by JasonSamuel View Post
    just started watching this one piece and its kind of childish and boring..does it get interesting later on
    anime has a slow pace. so it won't live up to the expectations and gets really boring.
    I was bored while watching the anime as well however once I caught up with the manga things have changed. now I keep watching the old episodes again (only the best parts of course, which makes like 5-10 minutes in 1 episode)

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