Hey every one id like to start of saying this will be a bit of reading and that this is a real machinima that wont be filled with 12 year olds, so read on for info about it.

1. this is machinima will require an Xbox live account.

2. this machinima will be on the game Halo reach and the next series will be on halo 4 but ill get to that later.
If you hate Halo Reach do not comment on this post im sure no one wants to hear how like COD or something else is better IDC and no one else does.

-Rules of Machinima actors-

1. you must be co-operative and never disobey what i ask of you.
(No im no dictator i just need people to listen and follow directions)

2. don't be racist or prejudice just be friends with the group working in the machinima.

3. you must be on at required time to partake in rehearsal.

4. you may have to wear certain armor to fit character profile.

5. must be quite during rehearsal unless you are being spoken to by any one of my helpers.
My helpers will be determined by who is loyal and not disrespectful, plus speaking needs to be at a low volume so it does not get chaotic :flaw:

those are the main rules there maybe little tiny rules that aren't really important but would be nice to follow. but besides rules lets talk about the actual story plot of this Machinima.

The story is based on the planet Harvest, as you know Harvest is the first attacked by the Covenant and is taken over but then re-captured by the Humans at the end but is laid to waste from the invasion, you may be thinking how are spartan 2's on harvest well i just made it so there was one experimental team before the other spartan teams called Virtue team. this name came to be the name of the team because every member was so good at there skill and had different views and abilities on and off the battle field they were all put together and made into a team they all started off as separate character in there own life (this will all be explained in Origin episodes of each member) so a team of experimental spartans are sent to deployed to protect harvest as its crushing defeat is inevitable. im not going to give major spoilers out i want people to be excited for this so plz join.

okay so to continue on, there are alot of roles open and just to let every one know i have typed out the first 3 episodes of the script which took hours of work of proof reading and editing, and another thing is that these episodes will be at least an hour long maybe 40 minutes depends on how it all actually plays out. so ya prepared to be committed because i mean business. the first episode is a flash forward episode so itll be different from most machinima you see and i have great ideas for editing it all and adding cool affects but no that does not mean i can do SGI thats out of my skills haha but i will learn.

I am currently buying all my equipment for this so dont think ill be recording with a cam no way!! i will be buying a high end capture card device and i bought Sony Vegas pro 11 and i know how to use it well so the editing will be clean and nice but dont worry i wont go all out and over do any special effects thats just makes me look like a try hard.

if you have questions feel free to PM me or comment on my Profile or message me and add me on XBL my gamer tag is my profile name exact spelling so if you are to lazy to look up here it is Z Shadow Wolf im on frequently but mostly late nights due to certain reasons but i do get time on in the evenings since it is summer okay with out further or do here is a list of some of the characters ill need for the first episode so i can start to fill them up.

  • Commander-Charles
  • Soldier 1
  • Soldier 2
  • Soldier 3
  • Soldier 4
  • Elite 1
  • Elite 2
  • Elite 3
  • Elite 4
  • Elite 5
  • Field Marshall
  • banshee pilot 1
  • banshee pilot 2
  • banshee pilot 3
  • wraith driver 1
  • wriath driver 2
  • Virtue 6
  • Virtue 4
  • ODST 1
  • ODST 2
  • ODST 3
  • ODST 4
  • scientist 1
  • scientist 2
  • Sights A.K.A the betrayer
  • Zealot 1
  • ultra elite A.K.A Karkyn

you can have multiple characters only if there in different scenes though. thanks for taking you time to read all this its a lot. Recording wont start until a month after summer so no rush but plz fill out these roles