Chapter 2

Summary: Lily Evans-Potter didn't really die on that fateful night, but was granted a new chance to correct mistakes her mistakes from the past. Sets in HBP and DH, slightly Au but follows the real storyline.


September went quickly and before I knew it was October, half of the students had been at the Hospital Wing for some Pepper-Up potion, including Herbology lessons were the worst because we had to leave the relative warm castle, while the wind was blowing outside. Although I minded going outside for Herbology, I didn't mind to go outside to fly, two years ago I bought my own Nimbus 2001, I could afford it at the moment because the Firebolt was so popular, I loved it to fly in this weather, it helped keeping my mind clear.

It was on one especially windy day when I went out to fly on the Quidditch pitch, I think I was on my broom for a couple minutes, doing some accelerations and loopings, just because I felt like doing it, when I spotted someone with a broom standing on the pitch.

I flew down to see who it was and I was quite surprised to see that it was Professor Snape. "Professor, what are you doing here?", I asked, he snarled, "What does it looks like, Miss Vinyal, I've got a broom with me and I am on the Quidditch pitch, looks like I am going to read a book", he said sarcastically.

"I didn't know you could fly sir, I've never seen you-"

"That you have never seen someone fly doesn't mean he can."

I looked at his broom, it seemed familiar, but I didn't know what kind of broom it was, "Sir, what kind of broom do you have?", I asked.

"A Lightningbolt if you really need to know, it got today in the stores so I decided to test it."

I gasped, "They say that the Lightningbolt is much better then the Firebolt, may I- may I try it sir?", I wasn't sure if I should have asked it, by the look on his face I shouldn't, but I offered me the broom, "I know you can fly well, I've been looking at you for a couple of minutes, but be careful, I only got is since thjis morning."

I took the Lightningbolt carefully, "Could you hold my broom for a minute sir?", I asked, he took my broom as I mounted his, I screamed as I flew high in the air, it was so damn fast!

I looked down and saw that Professor Snape wasn't more than a little spot on the grass, carefully I steered a bit to the right and the broom turned immediately, this was so much better than my own Nimbus, it was amazing!

I sped to one of the golden goalposts at the end of the field and slowed down a bit to avoid collapsing at them.

I saw a movement on my left side and looked, Professor Snape flew on my broom and was hovering a couple of feet away, "Well, how is it?" he shouted, I smiled to him, "It's amazing sir, I can understand why even adults change into little boys when they are flying on a new broom."

At my comment, a little smile appeared on his face, he saw me looking at him and the smile quickly disappeared, "Miss Vinyal, could I have my broom back?"

I nodded and headed for the ground, I heard Snape following me. It took a couple of seconds before I reached the ground and gave the Lightningbolt back to Snape, "Thank you so much sir, that was amazing, I love your broom", as I took my own broom back.

We stood there for a few awkward, silence moment before I gave him a kiss on his cheek and quickly ran away before he could deduct points, I dived into the changing room and waited a few minutes before I left.

What the hell was wrong with me? I kissed Snape, well, kissing isn't the right word, but kissing the dungeon bat, greasy git Snape?

When I started on my way back to the castle I saw Professor Snape flying on his Lightningbolt, he was great flyer, even from this distance I could see that he flew with ease.

I was amazed, even when he was a teenager I never saw him fly, I could vaguely remember that he was in the Slytherin Quidditch Team, it was probably in our Seventh Year when I didn't speak to him anymore , so I've never seen a match of him. I think I stared at him for a couple of minutes when he suddenly stopped in midair, he looked at my direction, I turned around quickly and jogged to the castle.


The next morning I had DADA again, I didn't really feel going because I was a bit embarrassed about my actions of yesterday, but it seemed like I had nothing to worry about because he just ignored me as usual.

We started with non-verbal spells, but nobody was able to perform a spell without speaking, well Collin managed to turn his partners skin purple with yellow spots, and a Hufflepuff suddenly started to vomit slugs, just as Snape stand in front of him so the slugs landed on his robes. Snape jumped quickly aside and hissed, "Mister Creeves, take these boys to the Hospital wing. And also twenty points from both Gryffindor and Hufflepuf."

The three boys hurried out of the classroom as Snape waved with his wand to clean his robes.

"What are you al looking at", he snapped as he saw the rest of the class staring at him.

The lesson went on for a couple of minutes until Snape said, "For those who are interested, I've got your test from the first lesson", he walked to his desk in the front of the class as the bell rang, I was about to walk out of the room when I heard behind me, "Miss Vinyal, could you stay?"

So I stayed in the class, Ginny was the last one to left and looked at me curiously and raised one eyebrow, I stuck my tongue out to her as she closed the door behind her. I walked slowly to the front of the classroom, "What is it you want to talk about with me, sir", I asked.

He opened one of the drawers in his desk and took out a couple of parchments, "Do you know what this is, Miss Vinyal?"

I looked at it, "Seems like the test of the first lesson sir, why do you ask?"

He took one of the papers out, "and what does this mean?", he handed the piece of parchment to me, it was the one I doodled on when I finished my test, "Eh… some doodles sir, I finished the test pretty fast and was bored so I doodled a bit."

He snarled, "I can see that Miss Vinyal, but what is this?", he pointed to some scribbles in the corner of the parchment. I swallowed, I can't remember writing Severus on the paper with a heart around it, "I- er… I don't know sir, I can t remember drawing or writing that on the parchment."

"Wrong answer Miss Vinyal, detention, the whole week. Now get out of my sight!", he hissed while pointing to the door.

I didn't need anymore encourage and ran out of the room to the Great Hall, I saw Ginny sitting on the Gryffindor Table and hurried to her, as soon as I sat down next to her she asked, "well what did he want?"

I told her about the doodles on the parchment, but I left out the part of Severus and the heart, "And now I have detention for the whole week", I sighed, "Why is he always mean to everyone?"

I stood up, "I've to get my Potions stuff, see you in a couple of minutes Gin" I walked out of the Great Hall and walked slowly back to the Gryffindor Tower.


At eight exactly I knocked on the door of Snape's classroom, "Come in", he said and I opened the door, "Good evening sir."

He looked up, "Ah Miss Vinyal, you're right on time, give me your wand and you can start with cleaning the desks", I could have known it.

I walked to him and put my bag besides his desk, then I took of my robe, I didn't need them anyway, and handed my wand to him. Our fingers touched each other for a moment before he pulled his hand away and place my wand on a corner of his desk. He pointed to a corner, "You can find the stuff you need over there."

I turned around to get them and started on cleaning the undersides on the desks, "yuk, I can't believe I always sit at these desks", I muttered when I saw what was under them. Armed with my tools I started cleaning them, I must've been really lucky today because nothing of the stuff landed at me.

2 hours later I was finished with the last one, I stretched my self out, you're getting a sore back from this.I brushed some hair out of my face and looked up to Professor Snape, "Sir, I'm finished." He didn't react, "Sir?", still no reaction, I walked to his desk and waved my hand before him, he blinked once but he didn't react. I walked around his desk and leaned in to him, "BUGGER, ******* I'M FINISHED!"

He shot up, as I run away from him to the door while grabbing my bag and wand in the process, I grabbed the handle of the door but it was shut. As I stood there thinking of a way to get out, I heard footsteps approaching me, I turned around and saw Professor Snape standing before me, damn, I thought, now I have no way of escaping. I looked around, but I was cornered, I looked up to and saw that Professor Snape's eyes were blazing with rage, "What did you call me", he hissed in a dangerous voice.

"I- I called you an ******* sir, I finished my detention but you didn't hear me sir", he leaned in to me until his face was less then two inches away from mine.

"I will not toleterate any of those words, Miss Vinyal"

Then it struck my mind, there was a reason I didn't die on that night , 15 years, there was a reason why I had a second chance to live, and it was this man.

I leaned towards him to close the gap between us and kissed him on his lips. I turned around, trying to leave the room while I was still alive when his arms wrapped around my waist and pulled me closer, his lips crashed on mine and my arms found their way up to his neck as my fingers tangled in his hair. I parted my lips when I felt his tongue against them, and his tongue met mine, it head been 15 years since the last time I kissed someone, I almost forgot how good it was, and besides, Snape was a good kisser, more then good to be honest. As our tongues swirled around each other, I started to stroke the back of his neck, he moaned softly, then he suddenly stiffened an pulled away, "What- no, I can't", he stumbled, he let go of me and opened the door while pushing me out of the room.

"Get. Out. Of. My. Sight", he managed to say, while he closed the door.

I stared at the closed door, not sure if I should stay, or should go back to the dormitory, I decided to do the last one, while smoothing my clothes.

"Bugger", I mumbled, "I left my cloak in his classroom."

Not wanting to go back and hugged myself to stay warm, it only took a couple of minutes before I saw the Fat Lady, I mumbled the password, which was Phoenix feather, and walked into the Common Room straight to my dormitory, Ginny followed me upstairs, "Well, what did you have to do?", she asked, I grunted, "I had to clean the desks, and you don't want to know what's under them, " I quickly put on my pyjama's and laid down in bed, "G'night Gin", I mumbled and turned my back to her.


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