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    Alys Karstark actress joins the GOT cast for season 7

    Be warned there could be spoilers for those who have still somehow not seen season 6 despite YouTube throwing the episodes around and it's on DVD.

    Megan will be playing as Alys who in the books is 16 and was Saved by Jon when she flees from her evil uncle who wanted to marry her and became Lord Karstark since her brother was captured by the lannisters and her dad was executed by Robb.

    Jon saves her then when learning her uncle was trying to side with the boltons and trying to get rid of some mouths to feed he arranged with melsiandre help Alys marriage to Sigorn Thenn Leader of the 300 surviving thenns who are not cannibals in the book.

    Alys and Sigorn being potential allies for Jon and she was friendly with him despite the whole his brother( actually cousin) kill her father. Her and Sigorn who has shown some affection for her are assumed heading back to her/their land.

    In the show her brother is alive as his status is not confirmed dead and he was never seen in the battle of the bastards will she be Jon's enemy or ally who knows HBO likes to mess with things.

    However I would not be surprised if she married tormund since Sigorn does not exist in the show.

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    Re: Alys Karstark actress joins the GOT cast for season 7

    I don't think she's going to marry Tormund as he's smitten with Brienne of Tarth and he's really not the type of guy who's going to mingle in subtle marital politics. The only thing mentioned in the spoilers that Alys does is

    pleading for the losing houses (Umber, Karstark; the Bolton line should have ended), or at least for her own house, that they will not be punished too severely. I can imagine she might propose herself to marry Jon as that would be beneficial for both houses: The Karstarks will get away unharmed while House Stark has a reasonable guarantee on their undisputed loyalty. In fact in the books lord Karstark tried to marry off Alys to Robb at one point, but I think Jon will decline the offer or at least postpone his answer as he has more urgent matters to attend.

    In the books Alys married Sigorn because if she already married someone, it would be extensively harder for her uncle to marry her off to his son (her cousin) so that he could rule Karhold. It was also part of Stannis' marital policy between the Wildlings and Westerosi nobles in an attempt to assimilate the two groups. The latter reason however is not relevant anymore as Stannis is dead in the series and the former I doubt will be used likewise. So why would Alys then be married off to Tormund?

    The spoilers also mention that the Wildlings will occupy the Dreadfort for the moment. So if Alys marries Tormund, she would have to move to the Dreadfort and that doesn't fit with her position as mediator. There's a discrepancy here between her role in the books and in the series. So I think she will limit herself to trying to woo Jon.
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    Re: Alys Karstark actress joins the GOT cast for season 7

    I thank you for the information! I was looking for and could not find. You helped me!

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