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    naruto chapter 593: surpass gods

    well my previous prediction naruto 592 and 593: NO LOSING are fused into a single one so they account as a single chapter and that's why this is 593 not 594
    anyway please enjoy also you need to read my naruto naruto 592 and 593: NO LOSING prediction in order to understand this
    naruto chapter 594: SURPASS GODS
    side text: uchiha sasuke is on the battlefield, why is he facing uchiha madara ? isn't he supposed to be an ally ?

    chapter start with sasuke facing madara:
    madara: no losing you say ? haha i like your attitude you make me remember myself when i was a kid like you , but sadly at the time i was in a uchiha level now i surpassad that level ... also i'd like to know why is a uchiha coming here to fight me and not to support me
    sasuke: you talk too much, you say that i have attitude but look at yours also just to let you know i surpassed the uchiha level as well and i'm here because you ,uchiha madara , left your clan abandonned it your a traitor i'll punish you !
    madara: it's them who abandonned me , and surpass uchiha you say ? i'd like to test that .... AMETERASU
    sasuke: AMETERASU ENTON: dark wall ( a large wall of ameterasu is created )
    sasuke: is that all what you has uchiha madara ? simple ameterasu ? now with my EMS i can manipulate the dark flames ( enton) but with the same speed ans strength of ameterasu
    sasuke turns his head to tsunade
    sasuke: and you hokage i'll kill you also so BE PREPARED FOR UCHIHA JUDGEMENT
    madara: i'll show you something amazing now: RINNEGAN: tengoku no kisoku ( heaven's rules )
    madara multipliate the ground's gravity thus spinning sasuke and the kages to it
    sasuke smiles then says: RINNEGAN: mujuryoku ( zero gravity ) ( sasuke start floating i the air ) hahaha i can control gravity also so i can cancel it effects completly around me your jutsu is USELESS
    madara from where did you have rinnegan ?
    sasuke: i'll explain this to you: the senju clan has good control over nature chakra and the reason behind their strong bodies and life force is nature chakra also the key to unlock the rinnegan is having senju DNA but the true reason behind that is just to get nature force so using this scroll ( sasuke show a scroll ) i was able to seal kabuto's , the edo tensei catser , nature chakra then unseal it and use it also orochimaru was doing research about nagato and he know about his powers so using this scroll his knowledge was transferred to me and i master rinnegan better than you
    madara smiles
    scene switch to tobi and naruto
    kurama: damn i didn't expect him to us ethat jutsu so early in the fight
    kakashi: gai we should help naruto
    gai: yes ... 7th gate OPEN
    kakashi: white fang secret jutsu: THOUSANDS OF WHITE FANGS
    tobi: things start getting serious
    scene switch back to sasuke and madara:
    sasuke: what's so funny ?
    madara: the true power of a god ... i'll show it to you HAAAAAAAAAAA PERFECT SUSANO'O
    then madara fly in the sky with his wings and enter the clouds SECONDS LATER ALL THE SKY BECOME DARK AND GIANT hole is created perfect susano'o AMORED FACE appear from the hole and teh face alone is bigger than mountains
    madara: me and hashirama were gods TEST THE POWER OF A GOD
    sasuke: gods you say ... then i'll SURPASS GODS
    chapter ends
    thanks for reading and hope you enjoy :ice:
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