Hey guys!This is my first prediction.hope you like it.

NARUTO 592:Climax!

Scene starts with sasuke and Kabuto!
Sasuke:*Fine Itachi.If that's what you want ill change my goal to be more of yours.
*scene changes to kabuto in izanami*
Kabuto:I hate this.what ever i do it keeps repeating itslelf.If only *HE* was here.I just wish i could forget this life and become a konoha black ops again.
*scene changes to Sasuke*
Sasuke:hmm this is the time i need my team taka.i wonder where they could be.
Kabuto:*wakes ups and looks around*hmm sasuke?wheres itachi?
Sasuke:hes gone.and so is your jutsu.normally i would kill you but from what am sensing,ill need all the allys i can get.
Sasuke:tell me.can you still perform the edo tensei justsu?
Kabuto:yes.in fact i was planning on reviving three more people.
Kabuto:its been *our*plan from the very beggining.:confused:
Kabuto:the first hokage,second hokage,and the fourth hokage!