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    Naruto 593 (funny) prediction

    Naruto 593: I bet you wanted to ten tails

    Sasuke: I must go to the one who knows everything the sage of the earth piccolo.

    Juugo: I understand it seems to be the only reasonable choice

    Suigetsu: What are you going to do once you are there sasuke?

    Sasuke: Ninja stuff and lots of it the stuff ninja's do i can feel the dark side slipping away i must find this person who im not going to reveal because i troll you all

    *scene switches to Madara and 5 kage*

    Madara: Well its time for me to be hitting the old dusty trail

    Oonki" so your just going to leave like that no goodbye card to thanks for not giving up you are so mean to us.

    Madara: Hey dont be like that rock yoda *Madara forms a handsign* hey kid catch *Madara throws a gravity grenade

    Oonki: thanks Big red Madara * the grenade sucks oonki into another dimension*

    Madara: Well now that that is over with time to go....

    Tsunade: By my will of fire you will not have naruto i will....( As she is cut off is mid sentence.)

    Madara: *universal pull : Dumb ***** grabbing by neck style* :flaw: Now listen very closely you blonde dumb tramp i am displeased when Madara is displeased he leaves be happy you are not dead * tosses tsunade in the are *shinra Tensei* :kaito:

    *Gaara looks at tsunade on the ground and begins to sand teabag her*

    Mizukage: i have accepted defeat

    Raikage: im no fool i know my limits

    Madara: When she wakes up ill make sure she makes me a sandwhich

    *scene switch to sasuke at kami's tower*

    Piccolo: how did you get here kid this place is holy

    Sasuke: i know you know the most forbidden of great techniques you know the sage of six paths hidden skill teach me.

    Piccolo: Fools always want power, fame, revenge, toast, bread, food, cheese, onions, wrath, vengeance, etc. you want it that bad then it will cost you what do you believe is worth the cost of ultimate power?

    Sasuke: *inaudible words*

    Piccolo: i see then power you want power you shall have.

    (Sasuke then leaves the tower with a sense of new energy around him.)

    *scene switches to naruto and Tobi*

    Tobi: you pathetic foolish brat of a uzamaki dirt ignoramus die summoning ten tails

    Naruto: Im been saving this i already knew you would do that Shinra purroto = almighty plot

    Tobi: you have the shinnegan?!?

    Naruto: the Nine tales gave it to me now you will fall!!!

    Kakashi: Im so lost...

    ???: snazzlile anasnxksdanjkas (unreasonable words as if from a deaf person.)

    Naruto: Sasuke!!!!!!!

    Sasuke: imzizzle gawidougle fap dap = Im here to show my new power

    chapter ends

    TBH i was kinda stubbed with predictions because nothing good or a guess came to mind for the nest chapter srry of u dont like it If you want another prediction for this weeks chapter plz leave a message or comment requesting such and thx for reading
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