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    Naruto 593 by Klubargutan

    Well, quite different and less stupid than my last prediction(592), but still i believe Kishi and his team read all the predictions and on purpose make different things, to make us all wrong...I'm pretty sure nothing of this will happen:

    *Sasuke Extracts cursed seal from Anko, Orochimaru appears*

    Suigetsu/Jugo: ?!!

    Sasuke: Orochimaru!!

    Orochimaru: Sasuke-kun, finally it's time to take your body!*sees EMS*
    What the, Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan?!!

    Sasuke: I don't want to fight your's piece of shit, you haven't any chance, I may help you live, but i want answers, tell me the truth, I'll check it with my Sharingan if you are not lying

    Orochimaru: Allright then, I'm listening.

    *Scene switches to Naruto/Tobi*

    Tobi: Go Jubi! Kill everyone on the earth!

    *Scene switches to Kages/Madara*

    Onoki: Jinton: Genkai Hakuri no Jutsu!

    *Madara absorbs it*

    Madara: Why are You still attacking me? Is that boy and your promise of defeating me THAT important?

    Onoki: Yes, it is! Because we finally found our way, we MUST stop you to save the shinobi world!

    Madara: Even if you win this war, in time, there will again be hatred and there will be more ninja wars between villages! The war is endless, my brother, father, mother, all of them died because of war! There is no hope! Putting people into sleep with Mugen Tsukuyomi is the only way of peace!

    Onoki: No, it's not, YOU are WRONG-

    *Giant explosion in the background, Jubi appears in distance*

    Madara: What the??! It's the Jubi!

    Kages: !!!

    Madara: *thinks to himself* (But why doesn't he just put Sharinnegan on moon and use Mugen Tsukuyomi, there is something wrong) *continues* Kuchiyose no jutsu!


    Madara What the? They haven't kyuubi yet! *thinks to himself* (That means that he doesn't want to control humans and put them into genjutsu, he wants to destroy the world and kill all of them!) *continues* Okay kages, it's time to stop just playing around, we MUST stop HIM!

    Kages: ??!

    Tsunade: But what? You just wanted to capture kyuubi, why do you just want to stop the masked man?

    Madara: Because I just want to control humans with genjutsu, not to kill them, if we WON'T stop HIM, every single human on the earth will die, there is no worse outcome than that!

    Onoki: How can we believe you that you won't do something?

    Madara: If i wanted to kill you and capture kyuubi, you would be now dead, and if we stop and split Jubi again, tailed beasts WON'T be able to regenerate for several days or weeks, You will have a lot more time to be alive than letting Jubi to destroy the world

    A: Allright! MADARA, KAGES, LETS GO!!!

    Mei *thinks to herself* (Uuf, I thought that i will never "have some fun" with boys again, but it seems that we will live longer, Madara is at our least for now, we CAN make it...and maybe convince him to join our side)

    Tsunade *thinks to herself* (What if, if we win...we will convince him to join our side?...And maybe he will even revive fallen shinobi as Nagato did.)

    *Scene switches to Naruto/Tobi*

    *Naruto and team are in very bad situation, Madara and Kages arrive*

    Everyone(except Madara nad kages): !!!

    Naruto: Madara is alive??!! But edo tensei was supposed to be stopped... and Granny Tsunade, Gaara, Grandpa Raikage, Grandpa Tsuchikage...and Pretty Mizukage. What happened???

    *Mei smiles*

    Tsunade: Naruto, we are here, together with Madara, to stop Tobi, even he temporarily joined our side after seeing Jubi, we will explain what hapened later.

    Tobi: So you are here, cool, but, how will you stand against Jubi?

    Madara: Don't worry, I will show you and the Jubi, the true power of Rinnegan, Senju and Uchiha, because i have all of them, I am the new Rikudou Sennin!

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