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    Naruto manga 593 predictions

    Suigetsu: Wait Sasuke, where are you going to find orochimaru? :shrug:
    Sasuke: I just know. No need to follow me. Stay here and wait for further orders. ( he leaves)
    Suigetsu: Damn that bastard.:flaw: I go to these lengths for him and he...
    Juugo: Suigetsu.. Sasuke has his reasons. Lets stay here and wait.
    Suigetsu: hmmph (they stay there with Anko) :mad:

    Else where,
    Naruto: Kakashi sensei, get back.
    Bee: Dont tell me, that fool's gonna do it
    Hachibi: Bee this is not goo we have to stop him
    Guy: Whats he doing :confused::confused:
    Naruto: He is trying to revive thee ten tails!!
    Kakashi: What, how can he?? The Hachibi and the Kyuubi are still here.
    Tobi: Behold, witness the power of the Jyuubi
    Bee: What have you done, you fool!! :sy:
    Kurama: Naruto, time to go all out.

    Meanwhile, back in the place where he fought Itachi, Sasuke finds a cave. He enters.
    Sasuke:... *thinks to himself* where is he
    Unknown voice: who is it?? who comes here
    Sasuke: So you are alive... still..
    Unknown Voice: Hmm, i don't recognize that voice who are you??
    Sasuke enters a place where some light enters. He sees what looks like a mould of whatorochimaru once was. Oro opens his eyes
    Orochimaru: Its you Sasuke-kun!! I take it that Itachi lost then. My my to think that you have grown so much.
    Sasuke: Tell me.. about the whole Uchiha massacare, about Danzo and about Madara and Tobi!!
    Orochimaru: hmmhahahahaha.. well well things have progressed this further i see! very well i shall tell you.
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    Re: Naruto manga 539 predictions

    Itachi just told him about it, I doubt he'd ask Oro about the massacre.

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    Re: Naruto manga 539 predictions

    Well at least it makes sense,nice one man.

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    Re: Naruto manga 539 predictions

    i doubt he will find oro that fast
    i doubt oro will agree that easily
    i doubt oro will be in the same hideout as kabuto or he woulda helped him in the fight somehow

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