NB's FanFiction Of The Month [July 2012]

Big thank you to Alternative for the banner~

Welcome to this months "Fan Fiction of the Month" contest!

The purpose of this contest is to promote the creative job of the members who wrote a fan fiction and of course to judge who did the best job. If you want to discuss or suggest anything about the FF contest please do so here.

The fanfictions will be judged based on:
Use of English.
Development of the story line.

The first eight eligible submissions will be selected. Make sure you read the rules to make sure yours is chosen! After this, a poll will be created and all members will vote for the one they liked the most.


1st Place
A chance to change your username if you wish & temporary larger avatar.
A medal.
3 000 Kumi

2nd Place
A medal
1 500 Kumi

3rd Place
A medal.
750 Kumi

The submission time ends on July 18th and the Fan Fictions selected will be announced shortly after that, when i will also create the voting poll.

Make sure you read the RULES here.

If you want to submit post: ~I wish to take part~ and fill in the form below.

Fan Fiction Title:
Link to your Fan fiction chapter 1:
Link to your Fan fiction chapter 2:
Link to your Fan fiction chapter 3:

(If someone wants to submit now but hasn't finished his/her FanFiction yet, he/she can fill in the form and later edit his/her post.)

~ Good luck, may the most talented author win! ~