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    Naruto 593 prediction

    Naruto 593-Hashirama Senju!!!

    Scene starts with sasuke with EMS eyes,

    Sasuke-The one who knows everything,huh? I've been a fool too long! First i need to see orochimaru!
    Juugo-I see...he's the one who knows everything,huh?
    Sasuke-Well...orochimaru is the key to the one who knows everything and i"m going there[jumps out if the cave]
    Suigetsu-Wait for us Sasuke!!!

    Scene changes to naruto

    Tobi-Looks like i need to do this fast!!heeeeaaaah!
    Naruto-Wait a minute mask madara u haven"nt capture me and Bee yet!
    Kakashi-naruto dont joke around this chakra feels like...sinister even than when ninetails was attacking konoha
    Tobi-Well the reason i tried carturing u two jinchuriki is because it would make my plan easier but now...
    Bee-How?ya fool
    Tobi-i collected all the tail beast except nine and eight tails..but i have eight tails chakra from your beast tentacle and the jar and ninetails chakra fron the gold and silver brothers and some other methods now!!!!!

    Scene changes to the kages-

    Mei- we cant defeat him!
    Oonoki- i still have a jutsu...but it needs to be done done during an eclipse and...
    A-We cant give up! we are the five kages!We are the strongest !
    Gaara- Yes,remember the promise we mwde to naruto...
    Tsunade-We cant defeat him(smiles)
    Mei,Oonoki,A,gaara - what! Hokage!!!!!!
    Tsunade-That's why we can get help from the first Hokage
    Gaara- but he is sealed how?
    Madara-Call him whatever he have no chance against me anymore i possess wood release!
    Tsunade-well when i was young he told me that someday the world would be in chaos and he sealed half his chakra in me and i'm gonna release it now! Released mystical chakra!
    (the area is coved in white aura)
    A- i cant see anything!
    Oonoki-whats happenin?

    Hashirama stands before them

    A-so great chakra!
    Hashirama-i dont know whats happening but i must defeat madara and whoever u guys are take tsunade and yourself far away she is outta chakra and if u stay here u are gonna die im gonna weaken madara and u can come back to finish him
    Kages- okay!
    Madara- hashirama can u defeat me now!i possess your wood release!
    Hashirama - that's why im not gonna use wood
    Madara- without wood You are nothing
    Hashirama-madara we end this now! Heavenly mystic fall!
    (the sky becomes dark)
    Madara- whats this/
    (Billions of billions of explosive tags
    are raining)
    Madara-if u use that your goona end too in the blast
    Hashirama-madara do u think u can rule the world forever?There must come a time when we hand the world to the new generation!
    madara - lets see!

    Will madara be weakened by hashirama?will their second fight ends there? wait for my next chapter-SEALED SENJU
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