Naruto chapter 593: The one who knows everything

Sasuke: Orochimaru... I need to go to Orochimaru's hideout.
Sasuke: (Sasuke walks to Anko) ....
Sasuke: I will need that woman for getting Orochimaru back for a while.
Suigetsu: Why can't we join you?
Sasuke: I also need juugo's help for getting her back, so you two needs to join me.
Suigetsu: (smiling)
Juugo: What about Kabuto?
Suigetsu: Just leave him...
Sasuke: Alright, let's go to the hideout.

Scene switches to Madara VS 5 Kages

Onooki: You won't go anywhere, Madara!!
Madara: *Sigh* such a ugly man.
Tsunade: Don't do it, Tsuchikage!
Onooki: I must, it's my destiny to stop this man..!
Madara: Destiny? You talk like you can defeat me..
Onooki: (I don't have much chakra, but I can try to make him into a stone..)
Onooki: *Onooki is flying fast to Madara*
Mei, A and Tsunade: !!!
Onooki: *I'm very close to him now..!*
Madara: *Madara take his hand out and and grabs Onooki in the neck, and then take him hard to wood under him*
Onooki: Gah!!
Madara: Why are you so.. Weak? You can't take me out, you of everyone should even release that, Onooki..
Tsunade: You...!! *Runs to Madara*
A: No!!!
Madara: *Madara makes a mokuton clone while holding Onooki on the wood*
Madara's clone: *Clone is making a susanoo lvl 1 and punch Tsunade*
Tsunade: *Tsunade falls hard back*
Madara: Now we are alone... Let's make you destiny, shall we?
Onooki: You are maybe strong, but we will win this war!!
Madara: Hah, I don't think so. *Madara makes a susanoo and stabs Onooki in the heart*
Mei, A and Tsunade: Tsuchikage!!!!
Madara: *Takes up Onooki and throws him down on the ground
Madara: Such a useless man. Now I think it is time for me to go.. This have become boring, and I want the kyuubi back.
Tsunade: Why are you going after the Kyuubi...? (Thinking about Naruto)
Madara: You see... The bijuus are pets, pets to those with blessed eyes. They belong to the Uchiha!
A: What are you gonna do with it?
Madara: Let's just say that... I will destroy the Five Great Shinobi Countries..
A, Mei and Tsunade: ..!!

Scene switches back to Sasuke

Juugo: We are close.
Suigetsu: Heh, about time!
Sasuke: ....
Sasuke: After talking to Orochimaru about everything, I will go to Konoha and kill those elders.
Suigetsu: What about this Naruto?
Sasuke: First, I need to become more powerful so I can destroy him in my two hands.. That's why I need to talk to Orochimaru about this.
Sasuke: Also... I want to control the Kyuubi
Suigetsu: Control the Kyuubi? Are you mad!?
Sasuke: It was written in the Naka Shrine that Enternal mangekyo is able to control the bijuus, and I want to control that Kyuubi inside Naruto..
Suigetsu: .... (I hate those eyes -_-)
Juugo: We are here.
Juugo: *Juugo crush the door*
Sasuke: Let's go and revive that bastard back.

-Chapter end-

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