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    Free Rp

    Alright since everyone has taken some the good ideas i'm going to have a open Rp. you decide the story the charaters and where it takes place. just no god modeling and if you wana have the "special" moment between charaters do it not on here and do 5 posts of spam dots. first person that coms gets to start the story line and plot!! understood?
    Good lets begin.

    Charater: (add what ever you want)
    Where they are :
    and the story begins: (only for the first user that signs up)

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    Re: Free Rp

    (k i maek sory naw u play.)

    Character: Bloo/Kaiser
    Where they are: Da internetz
    Story & Plot: Bloo wakes up in the morning, but he seemingly has trouble opening his eyes, when he tries touching them, it burns his fingers. After finally being able to open them, he is in a World of the Internet, he downloads pron, but lost his man parts, so he roams the Internet finding weird classified stuff and eventually becomes the leader of Illuminati, now known as Kaiser instead of Bloo, he also learnt German.

    Kaiser: Wit greit paur, kams greit rensponsibiliti.

    *kicks assistant in the nards*
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    Re: Free Rp

    Name: The Joker
    Location: Unknown
    Story/Plot: The Joker continues on his spree of indiscriminate killing across the threads

    Wanted for the murder of 600 at the New City Mall and the murder of 1 at the The Beach The Joker makes his way across the dessert and comes to an open place with a small forest. The Jokers henchmen struggle behind him tired from the journey.

    Scorps! I know you're out there. Show your face you coward. Hahahaha! No one makes a fool out of me! I've got something you'll be dying to hear...hehehehe

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