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    Pein/Pain..Truth About His Identity..

    Do You Think Pein Is Really Nagato..If You Take A Look At The Six Paths Of Pain..All Of Them Are From The Rain Country..All Of Them Are The One That Jiraiya's Fought During His Travel When He Was Young..If Pein Is Nagato..Where Is His Body..We Only See Yahiko's Body( Friend Of Nagato ) And What Do You Think Is Inside His Secret Room..Because In That Room Lies His Biggest Secret..

    What Was In J-Mans Last Dying Secret Code..
    If You Look At The Code At The Back Of The Frog

    If You Add It All Up Its Equal To The Number Of That Chapter Which Is Chapter 383..Coincidence..

    And I Had An Obeservation..It Seems Like Pein/Pain Is Not That Happy When Madara/Tobi Ordered Him To Capture The Kyuubi From Naruto..

    At This Image..Madara/Tobi Ordered Pein To Capture The Kyuubi From Naruto

    At This Image..This Is The Next Chapter Of That Image..You Will See It Rained At The Akatsuki's HideOut..

    You Will See Kisame Said That "Its Very Odd For It To Be Raining So Much Here, Especially At This Time Of The Year"..Do You Think Thats The Emotional Response Of Pein..Making It At The Form Of Rain..Because We All Know Pein Has The Ability To Control The Rain..He Can Sense Chakra's Using That Ability..
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