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    Death Note: Legacy chapter 3-memories of nobody

    Eru slowly reads the rules of the Death Note. He opens his eyes really widely.

    "Everything matches!! The heart attacks, the names written inside, the face-name rule, everything!!" thinks a bit more seriously about it. "This must as well be a crazy hallunication so i got to test it..."

    rushes back home with a gleeful expression. opens his laptop really fast.
    "here. in this folder. i remember saving an article about a serial killer who has not been captured yet. name: matsu suchirou."

    opens the death note and writes the name.

    "now all I have to do is wait until the evening news"

    he opens the tv and hides the notebook.
    a weird sound is coming from behind him. the door opens. it was his mother.
    she just goes directly to the kitchen to cook. however, she noticed. his expression was not the same as some hours ago.

    after a while the news started.

    presenter 1: today at 3 p.m. the serial killer matsu suchirou that kept hiding from the police for 2 weeks died from a heart faillure
    presenter 2: everyone kira returned!!
    presenter 1 and 2: hahahahahaha!!

    "thats right. you can laugh it all you want. but i want to see your expression tommorow."

    stands up. and says with his usual heavy voice "i ll eat later so dont wait for me"
    "ok" she hesitantly replied.

    he moves slowly so that he wouldnt raise any further suspicion.
    he starts writing. in less than an hour he wrote 50 ciminal names.

    "i did it. KIRA will finally be...reborned" thinks for a while "now two things remain: 1st i have to confirm that a second KIRA exists and 2nd i have to learn about the eyes that the shinigami was talking about..."

    he goes to google and searches: yagami raito
    many results pop up mainly from educational or tennis sites.
    "what is this? a teen magazine?"
    double clicks.

    "the famous model Amane Misa has a new lover. the name of the lucky guy is Yagami raito. he is a tennis champion and an ace student. Not bad misa-misa..."

    "Amane Misa...why would KIRA need a girlfriend? this could expose him even more...wait a minute..."
    opens the death note and searches a specific page.
    "from here on the writing style changes. the letters are completely different, like it was written from another person...anyway i ll pay a visit to amane to check something..."

    he goes to sleep after hiding the notebook.

    someplace else.

    there is a figure in the darkness. the only thing that can be seen is a pair of red eyes.

    "thats strange. these arent the times of death that i set for these criminals..."
    "(bite)" yes?"
    "the only way that the hour i specified changes is if there is another note book that writes the same name, correct?"
    "yeah, i think..."

    morning. 6 a.m. Saturday

    Eru wakes up and picks the notebook. He opens the tv.
    "in the morning news 7 criminals were reported, that means that if i write only 6 names and all 7 die, the last one was killed by someone else"

    writes 6 names.

    "now we will wait and see. this is perfect. because of my suspension i can go and visit amane right now"

    he takes his bike and departs. he finally reaches his destination. a house in a deserted area. as he approaches 2 bodyguards stop him

    "what do you want kid?"
    "i want to see amane misa"
    "tss, you and all the other 15 year old boys. no turn around and leave, amane doesnt want to see her fans righ now"
    "tell her it is about yagami raito..."

    a voice comes out of a speaker:
    "let him in"

    "tss, anyway pass"
    and so he does.
    the house is full of crosses and other things that really could resemble death note in a way.

    "what do you want?"
    "i know who killed yagami raito...and it wasnt KIRA"
    "What do you mean" now she is really concerned
    brings out a piece of paper.
    "touch this..."

    misa touches this and she instantly freezes.
    "KIRA,2ND KIRA,L,NEAR,SPK,REM,RYUUK" she whispers.

    "i knew it. if you use a death note even once it is enough to touch it once again to regain your memories from any other death notes"

    "near and the spk killed raito..."
    "that's right...misa do not let go of this paper and tell me: what are the eyes"
    "why should i tell you?"
    "primarily cause if you dont i ll kill you. also dont forget that kira was in a relationship with takada kiyomi, which means that raito cheated on you...misa trust me, i know about your parents and i promise to carry out kira's duty but i need you to tell me...dont worry i ll help and you can once more be kira yourself"

    "ok. the eyes are a tool that a shinigami can give you in exchange for half of your lifespan. they can see the name of someone and his lifespan if you look at them"

    he instantly withdraws the paper. misa's eyes go blank.
    "so what do you want"
    "i was right if i withdraw the paper and she hasnt killed anyone she will lose her memory again"
    he leaves."sorry misa i was was nothing really..."

    he leaves.
    "so the whole thing is that you know the face but you dont know the name, but what if it is vice versa? what if the other gets to know my name from the start but never gets to see my face? that would make the eyes useless..."

    goes home and opens the tv. not surprisingly all seven criminals were killed

    next chap: photo

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    Re: Death Note: Legacy chapter 3-memories of nobody

    And pls comment

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    Re: Death Note: Legacy chapter 3-memories of nobody

    Chapter 4 will be out tommorow

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