my friend and i were talking about Naruto and noticed that the sage of six paths was wearing a necklace that had the same symbols that were on the sharingan and naruto had the same necklace on when he used the nine tails chakra so i was like wow they use that a lot so i looked it up and that shape is called the Yasakani no magatama and it is from Japanese myths it basically represents good or good will and that is the complete opposite of a tailed demon spirit so it helps control tailed beasts and in naruto itachi "gives naruto a gift"we dont know what it is yet but i think it is the Yasakani no magatama because itachi had a skeloton protect him from sauske and it was using a sword and a mirror sheild and he has the optical power of Amaterasu and in Japanese mythology there was the godess of the sun and her name was Amaterasu and she had three great treasures and it was a sword like itachis and a mirror shield like itachis and the Yasakani no magatama so it is obviously based of of mythology and he definatly had the Yasakani no magatama and that is most likely what itachi gave naruto as "a gift" and that is why naruto is wearing the necklace when he uses the nine tails chakra but... based on all of that i think the allied shinibi force will lose the war and akatski will somehow get the 8 and 9 tails but naruto already has the chakra so it dosent matter and eventually naruto will have to use the power of the sage of six paths to stop the 10 tails and more evidence is that i always thought that when itachi said that he hoped that naruto whould never have to use this "gift" he meant it would be a tool to stop sauske because naruto is horrible at genjutsu and sauske rocks socks at genjustu so i figured it would be like when the fourth hokage was inside of him and he could help later but... itachi hated the akatski just as much as he loved sauske so he probably meant that he hoped that the akatski would never aquire the 10 tails and naruto would never have to stop them and by this point sauske will be much stronger if he stays consistant with improvement like naruto im assuming that he will run akatski some day and he will be i controll of the 10 tails so the prophocy would still be right and they will fight but first naruto must kill the 10 tails <that would be a crispy ending and i think it has a good chance of happening i havent found one flaw in this