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    The ones that know everything aren't Sasuke's parents!!

    for a while i see alot of people saying it's sasuke's parents who know everything, i will give 2 points on why you can trash that theory.
    1. how in the name of god would sasuke's parents know EVERYTHING?
    2. did sasuke forget that those "2 people" are his "parents"?

    what do i mean with this? the humans who know everything, do you really wanna meet them? i want to hear everything from them

    why would sasuke refer their parents as them? and the "human" who knows everything?

    sasuke is still a child and he would say i want to meet my parents, i want to hear everything from my parents, not them.
    it's a form of respect it's normal for a son/daughter to say my parents, or my mother/father and not "them"
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