Born in a clan of legend and history
A young boy with a look very care-free
A “once in a decade idiot”,
Who was serving his country like a true patriot!

But then happened an incident so grave,
That shattered everything like a killer wave.
He lost what was dear to him,
Filling the sorrow up to the brim

Lost in the memories, his sad face appears
Sleep deprived, drenched in tears
Gloomy but powerful eyes
Trying to forget his clan’s demise

But joy and sorrow are part of the life
Like sharp and blunt side of the knife
But then again his life turned up-side down
When appeared an angel, in a beautiful gown

She looked after him like a best friend
A part of his life she became in the end
A person worth more than his own life
A person who became his future wife

Lei Uchiha
*Waits for sensei*