Hey everyone! I have been thinking about something lately and wanted your guys' opinions.

We know that Nagato distributed his 6 paths over 6 bodies because he had mobility problems. When Hanzou and Danzou teamed up, Nagato as permanently crippled from a paper-bomb attack. My question is who exactly gave him the idea to use bodies to perform his Jutsu? I mean its a very good idea as to how to bypass his limitations, but did he really think of it himself, or did someone else give him the idea?

Now I'd love to think that Tobi gave him the idea considering Pain had been taking his orders for a long time, but how could Tobi have known it would work? I mean Tobi is as knowledgeable about the Rinnegan as anyone, but I highly doubt that there was anyone before Nagato who used the Rinnegan in that way. I mean one of the ultimate benefits of the paths is the shared vision, but I doubt anyone before Nagato actually discovered that perk of the Rinnegan. Basically what I'm saying is that perhaps this was simply an experiment of Konan / Nagato and they simply discovered the usefulness of the technique, something that not even the sage ever discovered.

Get my point here? I doubt that Tobi had knowledge of using the Rinnegan this way and if that was the case, the actual idea might have been developed by Konan / Nagato out of necessity. Anyway, I'd like your guys' opinions on the matter so vote in the poll and post up!