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    Naruto Manga 594 Spoiler Pics and Summaries

    Naruto Manga 594 Spoiler Pics and Summaries

    This thread is only for the Confirmed Spoiler Pictures and Texts. Everything else will be considered spam, and infractions will be given out.


    Please don't repost spoilers that have already been posted.
    (Bigger pictures, better quality picture is not counted as reposting.)

    Post all of the Confirmed spoilers you find in this thread please do not make a seperate thread.
    Its considered nice to rep the ones who post the spoilers. Also DO NOT POST LINKS, you can mention the source, but NO LINKS.
    Thank you

    Keep this thread clean and free from spam

    Discuss the spoilers here:

    Naruto Manga 594 Spoilers Discussion

    Please don't post predictions in here! Only spoilers with a source! Predictions go here:

    Naruto Manga Chapter 593 Discussion and 594 Predictions


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    Re: Naruto Manga 594 Spoiler Pics and Summaries

    Naruto is on Cover Page.


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    Re: Naruto Manga 594 Spoiler Pics and Summaries


    空を曇り 雨となる

    マダラ 何かに感ずく
    大蛇丸 しぶい表情

    仮面 日がくれるまで 連れ共の傷を癒して待ってろ九尾、 � �ドロン。

    大蛇丸 サスケに六道仙人の作ったもうひと � �の月について尋ねる。
    夜がくれば すべてが失われると説明。

    急ぐことをサスケに伝えるが、ジュ � �ゴと水月をその場に残す。
    暁の使いが近くにいるわ。カブトを � �ててと。


    目玉がたくさんある仮面(暁?)のアジ トの壁岩に目をつむった蛇が一匹。

    目が開く! チャクラを分体した蛇を通じて、高 � �移動ができるのか大蛇丸~(驚)

    蛇の口から大蛇丸、サスケがにゅる � �。


    あなたがトビに天照を避けられた場 � �よ。
    覚えてるわね。何故、天照が通じな � �かは、少し後で説明つくわ。

    大蛇丸 時間がない。あなたの父親の眼はど � �?


    (Wed.) 2012/07/18 13:01:59.87 ID Please look forward to the next less Anonymous:: gy6lXMdJO 624

    Cloudy and rain in the sky

    Do something spotted Cans
    Orochimaru subdued expression

    Delon, and color Kyuubi heal the wounds of both wait until sunset with a mask.

    Ask about another month of Deities of the hermit made Sasuke Orochimaru.
    And description is lost if all the dark night.

    Although we tell rushing to Sasuke, Suigetsu and leave in situ the home front.
    I have close to an angel of the dawn. And if it is seeing the helmet.

    Park than Orochimaru, Sasuke.

    One little snake eyes closed to the hideout wall rock (? Dawn) have a lot of eye mask.

    Snake through the body eyes open minutes! The chakras, what Orochimaru can move fast ~ (surprise)

    Orochimaru, Sasuke Nurburgring than from the mouth of the snake.

    In front of the highlights of the many

    I avoided the place you were jumping to Amaterasu.
    I remember it. Do not understand that Amaterasu is, I arrive a little later, why.

    Do not have time to Orochimaru. One eye of your father?

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