it's been a while that i didn't write a prediction, anyway i'm back with a quick one
NARUTO 594: a promise
side text: tobi is about to revive the juubi, madara put the kages in a critical state and orochumaru is back ... will our heroes be able to turn the tables in their favor ?

chapter starts with tobi doing a hadnseal
kakashi: i ... i can't beli...believe....i can't believe what i did just hear
guy: but how the hachibi and the kyuubi aren't captured ?
tobi: poor ninjas, do you really think that i had no plan B ? anyway be happy because you have the honor to see juubi's power
the gedo mazo's body is envlopped with dark chakra then it start transforming into a true living body, all the eyes are closed another time, then a big eye is opened
naruto: what the hell is this ?
scene switch to orochimaru and sasuke:
sasuke: what's this strange sensation ?
suigetu: i don't know but i have the same feeling as you sasuke-kun
juugo( after talking to some birds): NO ! THIS IS BAD ! THEY SAY THAT THE TEN TAILS IS REVIVED !
sasuke and suigetsu: ?!!
orochimaru: i see so tobi finally sucessed in reviving him ... hmm not bad
suigetsu: hey orochimaru how can you be so relaxed ? this is a legendary monster and tobi has control over him now, our entire existence is in danger right now!
orochimaru smile
sasuke: what are planning to do ?
scene switch to konoha's prison:
"we see karin assasination two guards then hide their corpses "
karin: a war is going on and all the 5 vig shinobi nations are using all their melitary powers in it so it's the perfect time to run from prison because of these poor guards
karin: also from a couple of minutes ago sasuke's chakra cahnged alot, it's more calm then before yet the darkness in it increased, what's going on with him ?
scene switch to madara and the 5 kages:
madara: out of my way oonoki !
oonoki: i won't let you go way as long as i'm alive , we made a promise to naruto and i'm still attached to it, he believe in us and i won't dissapoint him
the kages: !! ( shocked)
scene switch to tobi and naruto:
naruto: the juubi hein ? bring even the juichibi ( eleven tails in japanese ) it doesn't matter , a promise is a promise and i promised the kages to win this fight, they trust me and i'll never lose ( naruto smiles )
sudenstly a strange aura start growing from naruto
scene switch to oonoki:
oonoki: i swear that i'll stop you madara
madara: you're funny old shinobi but don't worry i'll put an end to you're pathetic life
tsunade: not before killing me madara, as a senju i should put an end to your story
A: it's not a uchiha bastard that will stop me
gaara: naruto is my friend and i'll protect him
mei is amazed ...then she smiles ad says: i was afraid a little bit but a promise is a promise i'll stop you uchiha madara !
side text: oonoki and naruto, the stone will and the fire will stands versus two of the strongest villains that this world know , will they win ?
i know not very good but as i said this was a quick prediction :D