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tobi is definitely Kagami Uchiha, he's old enough, wiki says kagami is "assumed" to be dead so know one knows, he was the student of the second hokage, which could explain hes space time ninjitsu also, and was team mates with danzo, so that could also explain how he knew so well about danzo :l
Naruto wiki are people like us, nothing else.

I like how people think Tobi now is Obito, because Tobi manipulated the 4. Mizukage while Kakashi was a kid/not even born, and made Nagato make Akatsuki.

But oh well, a bit fun so people get surprised if he is the elder son of Rikudou why would Obito wanted the world in rest? And how would he know about Sage, Juubi, how to get the juubi back, and how to be so good in rinnegan?