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    Troll Kishi just proved that the Hokages can be unsealed !!!

    The title says it all.

    Look at the Manga page below... specifically referring to the Treasured Tools of the Sage of the Six Paths that Tobi has in his possession:

    Karuma (who lived with the Sage himself) says:

    "They have the power to strongly seal away anything. WHATEVER GOES IN CAN NEVER COME OUT, NO MATTER WHAT..."

    ...does anyone see where I'm going with this...? How in the world is Tobi able to utilize the beings inside of a "sealed" container, unless it is able to reverse the effects of the sealing technique...? And does this apply to all sealing techniques? If not, why???

    Last note. When the Raikages had the Purifying Pot, after temporarily sealing the 8 Tails they were always able to eventually "unleash" the 8 Tails when it was time to try and turn it into a Jinchurriki again. How is this possible if Kishi originally implies that anything sealed can never be unsealed?

    Your theories please.
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