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Yeah, he graduated from the academy at 5, became a chuunin at 6 and a jounin at 13 because he was as goofy as Naruto and not intelligent. He's a 5 in intelligence in the databooks on top of that, too.
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5 in data books

became a chunin at 6 one year after leaving the academy, ya just like naruto.......

he also get constant complements form ninja

no even about fan boy here this is facts from the author

edit just saw elite kakashi post i guess grate minds think alike
on databook he looks smart but he is not .... look at sasuke this kid was a genius they say he was very smart and on databook they say he is smart

and guess what he is so dumb that he whants to kill the last wish of his brother and cursh konoha

also in part 1 he did some inteligent stuff and now we only see spam amaterasu susannoo .... and then amaterasu and then again susanoo