Maybe This Sound Ridicolous But Do You Think Tobi/Madara Is Able To Open All 8 Gates..Thats Why He Can Teleport/Instant Transmission To Great Distances And Dodge Everything Thus Making Him Intangeble..Remember That Madara Said That His Consistency Of Being Immortal Has Something To Do With His Chakra..

I Think All Shinobi Can Open Gates..Rock Lee Manage To Open 5..Might Guy Manage To Open 6..Kakashi Manage To Open 1 ( as shown before while he is rock climbing where a shot of his brain shows the relevant point activating )

We All Know That Opening This Gates Will Make The User Surpass His Physical Limits..And Opening The Final Gate Will Grant To Surpass Enough Strength Greater Than A Kage..But The User Can Die..Maybe EMS Helped Him Or Something..LoL..Just A Theory..